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We are an international sales team with powerful resources and platforms that help buyers find their targeted goods and the corresponding suppliers. IMTS site is a reliable connection for not only international buyers but also suppliers and manufacturers to build spectacular business opportunities based on what they have at hand as well as our advanced sales services, maximizing the business opportunity that they can never imagine.

Exclusive Services in the World

The IMTS site is a platform that gathers all kinds of industrial sectors and integrates them all into one industrial website to offer services of integrity that cover from A to Z about manufacturing with the hottest trendy streaming services.

Our film making team makes exclusive industrial films that cover every detail about customers’ factories and with the factory tour clips, global audiences are able to visit factories in Taiwan simply via the internet instantaneously. This industrial film production capacity is exclusive not only in the industrial media sector in Taiwan but also in the world. Furthermore, if you want an even more detail-minded business service, you can tell us about your specific demands on this site.

One on One Keyword Correspondence

We have an international sales team in our headquarters and they know better than others about the market trends, and they will assist you in posting your demands on the IMTS site pages. We also offer free trial posts, so please don’t miss this precious opportunity for free.

Within the many video based industrial chapters, there are keywords that are mentioned in the videos and are enlisted separately in the sections for users to click so that they can watch the related sections they feel interested in. All the clips are transcribed into words too, so if users prefer texts rather than videos, there is such option for you to have the access of suppliers’ manufacturing sites and products via internet.

Many of our promoted SEO keywords have been successfully posted on the obvious positions on the Google search results pages. So together with us, you will become a shining star that is hard to be neglected. Our IMTS membership services are open to international customers for registration.

Once registered, you will be granted more useful functionalities such as your browse records and other related information. After that, once if there are new customers or a new registration, IMTS will offer advanced comprehensive services to those registered members promptly.

What do You Need to Do?

Just tell us what you need through our forms and the keyword functionality and we will offer you what is best for you. IMTS site has recorded tons of precious industrial data about suppliers of the manufacturing industry. Those data include texts in details, specifications, technical articles, photos, videos, and even streaming events that can make the best use of the suppliers’ goods in front of you no matter where you are. Our comprehensive industrial database is capable of satisfying all kinds of industrial demands from upstream to downstream because Taiwan per se is an island full of all kinds of industrial components, goods, types of machinery, and turnkey solutions.

What Happened in Taiwan in 2020?

Our trade business grew in 2020 even though the influence of COVID-19 caused severe impacts all over the world. From January to November, Taiwan’s overall trade volume grew 29.3%, most of which are goods of electronics, information communication, optical devices, electrical engineering, etc. The overall export value from January to November of Taiwan is as high as 312.29 billion dollars, which is a significant growth of 4.2%, and the export to the USA, Japan, and mainland China were all growing in the year 2020. For buyers in the ASEAN and the EU, due to the pandemic effects and lockdown policies, the export was affected but still, Taiwan’s importation from the ASEAN and Europe grew to a large extent (7.9% and 11.6% respectively) due to the active economy boost within the island.

All these statistics show that Taiwan is a reliable and active trade partner to the world even though the world economy is under serious crisis. Suppliers and buyers in Taiwan prove that they can withstand the difficulties and show their resilience based on their great potentials.

IMTS Services

Based in Taiwan, we have our own photo studio and industrial directors who know about the industry as well as film production. Moreover, we are a team that contains not only trade experts but also IT nerds who can provide a series of comprehensive online trade services such as streaming, showroom, Google keyword suggestion, SEO, and industrial chapters that introduce and explain all the details of our suppliers without the limitation of time zone and distance. There are no more time and space barriers when you are with us. We will bring you the right industrial items at the right timing.

In our streaming videos, there are precious dialogues and QA clips that can answer extensive industrial questions about types of machinery such as maintenance, troubleshooting, installment, etc. These precious industrial knowledge and information are recorded as videos and are saved in various chapters in our database.

This channel offers keyword search to help people to reach the chapters with introduction words and see the dialogues and the corresponding articles to know about the goods and questions more precisely via the Google search. With videos and photos, they can know better about the advantages and they can do analysis about those suppliers’ data of goods.

Come and Join Us!

We invite you and all the global buyers to register on our site as a member and post all your needs on this smart site. With our robust website functionality especially the keyword search, you will be satisfied with the information we provided based on our smart matching program and our profound industrial experiences. Join us and be one of the winners in the world market. Let’s set the sail and make successful business deals here.

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