Beverage Robot

Beverage robot is the robot vending machine that helps suppliers selling beverages. The definition of robot is wide and has never being put into a fixed consensus, since the functionality of programmed autonomous is ever changing in the history.

People set beverage robots around parks, schools, amusement spaces all around to sell the beverages to the public and the market shares of those machines are changing based on the consumers’ feedbacks towards the drinking objects. 

Mechanical Beverage Robots

Just like the days of manual turning machines, once the beverage robots were sold to people with the mechanical trigger and respond mechanism, which could also achieve the vending goals by dropping the selected items after the consumers has inserted the stipulated number of coins and pressed the selection buttons on the vending machines. However, these types of mechanical vending machines were not reliable in many ways and consumers can get their wanted beverages even if they did not insert enough coins once if the machines mistakenly recognized the insertions. 

On the other side, many mechanical vending machines did not offer the selected beverages even if the consumers had inserted the stipulated coins due to many technical issues that happened all the time. With this regard, the vending machine suppliers has to dispatch technicians all the time to solve the arguments as well as the loss around the spots and the costs were many that often cannibalized the meager profits earned by the machines. 

Later when it came into the era of NC control, together with the more sensitive sensors installed onto the buttons, coin slots, dropping channels, etc, the whole situation has been improved for quite a good extent. After this, there is total computer controlled beverage vending machines that are installed with lot of sensors that support complicated inspection and checking movements and such mechanism can offer the accurate results to the consumers and give back the precision outcome to the suppliers. Meanwhile, these types of vending machines are limited to many physical settings of the machine, thus the types of beverages are quite dull in a sense. 

Vending Machines Designed with Robots

In Taiwan, there is vending machine supplier that develops beverage vending machines installed with robotic arms which can process the whole complicated liquid management things inside a designed case with the help of a robotic arm that can simulate human workers actions like bartenders. The machine mixologists can do a lot of mixing, blending, shacking, and other professional actions that were once all customized by human workers only since such complicated actions need to be trained and tuned with a series of training programs with long time. 

Now with the beverage robots, all these things can be achieved inside the robot vending machines, and users only need to insert the corrected or say, adjusted programs of values to settle the whole things on, and the robot(s) will do these all based on the orders. 

This innovative invention that utilized modern robotic arm to carry on all the beverage processing procedure instead of human being is a very advanced idea especially in the sense of hygiene considerations. Now as people are aware of the potential infection dangers, they tend to buy more canned beverages rather than human made beverages since the can suppliers may be more reliable in regard to the operational processes. But this situation is now overthrown, and with the agile robotic arms that can simulate human actions, the production of customized beverages are now quicker and safer, and most of all, the expenses can be cheaper for the beverage suppliers. 

Anthropomorphic Vending Machines

The once cold and slow motion vending machines are now be assigned with more anthropomorphic essences and the outcome of them are likely to have more warmth to the consumers since the experience of buying a customized beverages from a vending machines is much more tailored based on the order requests made by the customers so that this B to C mechanism with robotic supports can offer a much more anthropomorphic forms to the market. 

According to the market orientation, whenever the vending machines are installed with the humane elements to offer consumers with convenient nature, the market feedbacks would go up and thus the sales of the beverages would be much expended to the world, making a lot of people who want this specific beverage with a more scientific processing ways that can go systematic and hygiene at the same time.

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