Coffee Robot Guide

What Is a Coffee Robot?

A coffee robot is a highly automated coffee maker that is built with one goal in mind: to deliver delicious cups of coffee in the most efficient manner with minimal errors. Some of its advantages include filling labor shortages, storing a particular order, reducing long queues, etc. All of these qualities contribute to better consistency and delivery in coffee services. 

However, unlike the conventional coffee machines, it takes more than pushing a few buttons for a robotic coffee machine to work. Its operation involves calculating complicated parameters through coordinative software once an order is triggered. Factors such as the coffee ingredients, steaming temperature, liquid volume and more are all taken into consideration as consumers select their drink.

Robotic vs. Human Coffee Making

It might seem like an odd idea to compare human baristas with coffee robots. However, the truth is that robots have become more and more prevalent and start to replace humans in certain areas. One of the most important qualities that the machine possesses is the ability to be consistent and having perfect control of the beverage quality. Some people might argue that a well-experienced barista is also capable of keeping the products consistent and providing high-quality service and products to the customers.

However, we all know that it is next to impossible for people to make sure each and every cup of coffee always has the same quality. The robot has the ability to strictly calculate the portion of each ingredient. This way, it can make sure that the quality of the products is closely controlled. No customer would like to have a cup of coffee that tastes different every time they pay a visit to the same cafe.

Another advantage of the coffee robot is that it saves a lot of costs for the shop owner. Since it is capable of maintaining the quality of the products and helping the owner save a lot of costs, the coffee shop no longer needs to hire a barista. Yet, this has in turn caused a very serious moral issue. Human baristas may gradually be replaced by robots. If a machine can easily replace us, what can those human baristas do to make a living? It is better that we find a way to strike a balance so both parties can thrive.

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