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Vending machines can be referred to any vending machines that sell goods such as food vending machines or toy vending machines. In a broad sense, vending machines are the machines that can help suppliers to sell their goods whatever it is to the purchasers wherever the vending machines are installed.

People live in different nations and areas have their own difficulties, and this phenomenon is in fact the opportunity for businessmen to develop their niche markets by vending machines. With a power cable, air conditioner, some other setting, and of course the vending machines, business are thus made and buyers’ habits are also as formed thanks to the suppliers’ efforts.

Conveniences for Installing Vending Machines for Buyers

For people who live in smaller and modern places such as Japan and Taiwan, vending machines are very popular even though convenience stores are everywhere. In these places, buyers can have access to drinks, foods, toys, and even stationeries from convenience stores, super markets, or specific stores that are never rare in the cities and counties. But for those who do not like to have further interactions with anyone, the installment of vending machines is like a bliss that can bring the greatest convenience to the buyers so that they can silently have things all without even need to open their months for conversation. This kind of purposes may be one of the reasons why for people living in modern city with great store density can still see a lot of vending machines all over the city corners. 

Conveniences for Installing Vending Machines for Suppliers

On another side, if we watch the whole thing on the suppliers’ view point, then we may observe some interesting points. For suppliers, if they can have their goods sold no matter what the means are, the active channels are usually good. However, they also have to be aware of the fact that since vending machines are not manually operated like sales people do in the convenience store, there may be some problems that causes extra expenses to suppliers due to the technical issues.

For examples, many mechanical vending machines did not offer the selected beverages even if the consumers had inserted the stipulated coins due to many technical issues. That kind of things happened all the time. With this regard, the vending machines’ suppliers have to dispatch technicians whenever this situation happens in order to solve the arguments as well as the loss around the spots. And this kind of problems may cost a lot to them, so once if the profits are not ideal with the technical problems, which would often cannibalize the meager profits earned by the machines. In this situation, suppliers may rather want their goods to be sold by sales in the stores instead of vending machines. 

Food Vending Machines

The situation applies to food vending machines to the most, because foods contain a lot of variables that cannot be dealt with properly by vending machines, nor AI system. In the convenience store, sales persons will help get rid of those expired foods or do some necessary measures to cope with the situation on the way, but ever since the foods are put into vending machines, the whole checking and inspection mechanism shall be written into programs inside the vending machines while this is not an easy task. Furthermore, some foods like beverages in the vending machines are always of specific kinds that are not as interesting to some other customers who pursue freshly made drinks.

Fresh Vending Machines

There are some exceptions, though. In Taiwan, there is vending machine supplier that has developed their beverage vending machines installed with robotic arms which can process the whole complicated liquid management things inside a designed case with the help of a robotic arm that can simulate human workers actions like bartenders. The machine can do a lot of mixing, blending, shacking, and other professional actions that were once all customized by human workers only since such complicated actions need to be trained and tuned with a series of training programs with long time.

Now with the beverage robots, all these things can be achieved inside the robot vending machines, and users only need to insert the corrected or say, adjusted programs of values to settle the whole things on, and the robots will do these all based on the orders. This innovative invention that utilized modern robotic arm to carry on all the beverage processing procedure instead of human being is a very advanced idea especially in the sense of hygiene considerations.

Now as people are aware of the potential infection dangers, they tend to buy more canned beverages rather than human made beverages since the can suppliers may be more reliable in regard to the operational processes. But this situation is now overthrown, and with the agile robotic arms that can simulate human actions, the production of customized beverages are now quicker and safer, and most of all, the expenses can be cheaper for the beverage suppliers who set the vending machines.

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