Candy Vending Machine

Candy Vending Machines are vending machines that can sell candies to customers without a human assistant or sales. There are many varieties of candy vending machines in the market that has gained great selling outcomes, such as cotton candy vending machines, candy bar vending machines, etc.

Candy machines evolved from postcard vending machines that were invented in the late nineteenth century and were applied in the UK at first. People loved to use this technology then since it show how fast and automatic the selling can be done without the help of manual operation by sales. The trend later was spread to the US. In the New York City, a gum company built vending machines in the train stations.

Candy Vending

Candy vending machine can also be referred to as candy machine in most cases. By this measure the candy vending can be carried out without the help of human sales persons. Purchasers, or say, customers of candy vending services only need to do three things. The first is the insertion of the stipulated coin numbers, and the second is to select the options on the candy machine, and wait. Last but not least, is to pick up the outcome, and in this case it is the candies go out from the candy vending machine. Candy machines would often contain a space for people to take those selected items and besides the space there is the change slot that buyers may need to take back once if they have filled the coins with the numbers which are more than needed by the candy machines. 

Cotton Candy Vending Machines: A New Idea

In Taiwan, cotton candy is a popular sweet candy for many young people. Vendors used to sell those cotton candies by hand with a bike or scooter, moving around spots where they may have their goods sold. Now this type of business is with less profits due to the raise of material costs, so many of them are no longer selling cotton candies to the public around parks, schools, and other places.

Cotton candy vending machines are alternatives that can still sell the low profit cotton candies without much costs since it is a automatic machine with robotic arms that make the cotton candies for customers, the only costs suppliers need to take care of are the electricity, the vending machine body, and the space rent. With these benefits, the popularity of the cotton candy gets higher again among many groups of young people. Furthermore, since the production process of the cotton candy is done by robotic arms rather than human, and the whole procedure is highly neat, so in the days of now, this kind of services has gained a lot of appraises due to their hygiene nature which is hard to achieve if one human vendor wants to do this by hand. 

Common Vending Machines

Besides the candy machines, there are also a large variety of vending machines that can do a lot of convenient services to the public. They are change machines, cigarette vending machines, food and snack vending machines, bulk candy and gumball vending machines, newspaper vending machines, photo booth machines, stamp vending machines, ticket vending machines, and many other versions of vending automatically.

It is common to see vending machines in remote county areas since the access to convenient stores may not be so often there. However, for people who live in smaller and modern places such as Japan and Taiwan, vending machines are very popular even though convenience stores are everywhere. In these places, buyers can have access to drinks, foods, toys, and even stationeries from convenience stores, super markets, or specific stores that are never rare in the cities and counties. But for those who do not like to have further interactions with anyone, the installment of vending machines is like a bliss that can bring the greatest convenience to the buyers so that they can silently have things all without even need to open their months for conversation. This kind of purposes may be one of the reasons why for people living in modern city with great store density can still see a lot of vending machines all over the city corners. 

Suppliers of Candy Vending Machines

If we observe the whole thing on the suppliers’ view point, then we may observe some interesting points. For suppliers, if they can have their promoted goods sold no matter what the means are, the active channels are usually good. However, they also have to be aware of the fact that since vending machines are not manually operated like sales people do in the convenience store, there may be some problems that causes extra expenses to suppliers due to the technical issues. For examples, many mechanical vending machines did not offer the selected beverages even if the consumers had inserted the stipulated coins due to many technical issues that exist due to the flaws of the mechanics.

For that kind of things, actually they happened all the time. With this regard, the vending machines’ suppliers have to dispatch technicians whenever this situation happens in order to solve the arguments as well as the loss around the spots. And this kind of problems may cost a lot to them, so once if the profits are not ideal with the technical problems, which would often cannibalize the meager profits earned by the machines. In this situation, suppliers may rather want their goods to be sold by sales persons in the stores.

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