Fresh Food Vending Machine

Fresh Food Vending Overview

People have long built this conception in their mind that vend machines can only be the source of candy bars, bagged chips and carbonated beverages. But now reshfood vending machines, including fruit vending machines and salad vending machines, are stepping into the game by offering a wide variety of healthy and tasty options for people on the go. You’d be surprised how much more a fresh food vending machine can offer.

Salad Vending Machines

Salad vending machines are become increasing popular and seemingly rapidly growing sector in the vending machine business. This is also attributed to the rise in health-option vegan fast food for those who want to get health food on the go.

It is practically a new sensation and idea that even fast food can be health if you have just served it from a refrigerated vending machine. Imaging putting salads, fruits and other fresh foods in jars, tubs or other containers and keeping them in chilled state, people will be able to enjoy a nice, fresh and health meal anytime and anywhere. Simply replace the glass front of the vending machine with a 42″ HD Touchscreen and you have an unmissable offering.

For those who are looking to start a vending machine business, financing a refrigerated salad vending machine could cost be could cost you between $200 to $350 a month depending on the specification of the machines and terms. There has been reported case that one could be looking at a turnover of $50k in revenues with 6 salad vending machines for a 3 months frame.

Fruit Vending Machines

Being able eat nutritious food on the go is no longer a dream. With the emerging trend of fruit vending machines, you will now be able to include health fruits in your daily dietary routine more easily, enjoying canned or any kind of prepackaged fresh fruits from the vending machine.

With this being said, are canned fruits healthy? Would it be wise to consume them on a regular basis? Here is a quick review of the benefits of taking the advantage of a fruit vending machine:

It has been said that canned fruits in fruit vending machines are more nutritional than some other freshly produced fruits. Not everyone has the time and energy to produce their own fruits, let along harvesting them within only few hours. In fact, the so-called “fresh produce” is not as healthy as you may think.

With this mind, selling canned fruits in a vending machine is extremely useful. They are neatly processed, packed and distributed through strategic methods. If you are encouraged and motivated to eat more fruits, it would be wiser to opt for its canned version.

Contrary to popular belief, researches have actually shown that canned fruits are loaded with essential minerals and health vitamins. The fruits are carefully processed to prevent the loss of essential minerals in the process. The canned fruits that you see in vending machines have nutrition labels, allowing to judge how much nutrition you can obtain from one can.

When compared against fresh fruits, canned fruits are low in vitamin B and C. However, the drop is remarkably low. On the other hand, canned items and fresh fruits have similar levels of vitamin E, vitamin A, fiber and minerals. Fresh fruits are likely to lose nutrients when they are exposed to air. This doesn’t happen with canned fruits. By snacking canned fruits, you will load your body with all essential nutrients within safe limits.

Moreover, many people buy canned fruits from vending machine for the liquid inside the cane. Although these liquid, mostly comprised of sugary syrup, may be a havoc on your diet, they can keep you revitalize and energetic, and are actually rich in Vitamin C.

Economically speaking, canned fruits are many times cheaper than fresh fruits, and there are many reasons for the difference in price. Fruits that are rarely found in your region of living may be available in one of these vending machine fruit cans. And they are actually much cheaper than you would have expected! Some come in a can and some a plastic container.
Prepackaged fruits from vending machines represent both convenience and fun. These pre-prepped foods can turn into impromptu breakfasts, snacks and desserts.

Business Outlook for Fresh Food Vending Machine

If you already own a business selling fresh meals, there is no reason not to take the opportunity to expand without having to opening another store. Consider getting one of these salad vending machine or fruit vending machine in conjunction with your existing business, and place them anywhere that is of high traffic or concentration of people.

Many have made a false assumption that the profit from vending machines is not favorable. While this might be true, it definitely does not have to be the case particular for the fresh food vending machine category. With the growing trend and people’s awareness for maintaining a healthy diet, there is no doubt immense potential in fresh food vending machine business. Whether you are expanding an existing business or starting a new business, give consumers what they want – fresh and health vending machine food options.

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