Hot Food Vending Machine

What is a hot food vending machine?

A hot food vending machine, also known as a pizza vending machine, or a hot dog vending machine, as the name implies, is a machine that provides the customers with instant hot food. The customers only are only required to present the payment and select the food that the payment is able to afford, then a piece of hot food would be delivered from the hot food vending machine.

In the past, when the advanced technology has not been developed soundly, we could only see the packaged food in the supermarket, which is required to be bought home and cooked then the food could serve our hungry stomach.

Or when we want instant hot food and are on the go, there is only one option to fulfill ourselves, which is to go to the restaurant, where hot food is always ready to be cooked and served for the customers.

As the progress of the society, what the modern people pursue for any product or service is to be fast and convenient. Then the convenience stores appear to our lives. In the convenience store, you can not only get frozen or refrigerated food, but also have other options for cooked instant hot food.

While the desires of people for the requirement of food can never be fully satisfied when there is no restaurant or convenience store in a remote area or around the gas station, for example, and that’s when the hot food vending machine was invented.

The hot food vending machine can be regarded as an all-in-one invention, since it accumulates the greatest features of others that provides hot food, such as easy accessibility and cooked food availability, which are what the convenience store and restaurant offer.

While the hot food vending machine makes the purchase and access of hot food even faster, as the customers do not have to wait for a long line for ordering food or paying the food they choose, as the hot food vending machine is unmanned and totally automatic. which save the time for the clerk and the customers to communicate and count for the payment, for example.

In short, the hot food vending machines that we can see anywhere nowadays provide the newest way of obtaining instant hot food in a few minutes with the fully automatic and easy-to-maneuver machine, which brings people’s lives more convenience and fulfillment.

How does a hot food vending machine form and how does it work?

From the front of the hot food vending machine, where the customers can view, the machine contains a main control circuit board, a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor, a bill currency/credit-debit card acceptor, a coin insert slot and coin release button, a coin change opening, and a food delivery opening on the front door.

The main control circuit board includes all the components that the customers can see.
The hot food vending machine allows for multiple ways of payment, so that there are both the bill currency/credit-debit card accepter and the coin inset slot.

With a LCD monitor, the customers can be informed of the payment that the hot food vending machine has received and the process of the food that the customers have chose. Once the hot food is ready, the food delivery opening would present what the customer ordered for them within minutes.

The body of the hot food vending machine is comprised of a refrigeration cooling unit, a section of multi-level motorized spiral vending channels a microwave cooking system, and a funnel delivery chute.

Before the customers have ordered for the hot food they want, the packaged frozen or refrigerated food is stored with the assistance of the refrigeration cooling unit. When the food is ordered, the chosen food would be sent to the microwave cooking system.

Then the microwave cooking system would be activated to heat the food. When the food is well heated to for enough time that it requires, the cooked hot food would be delivered through the funnel delivery chute, and then presented to the customers from the food delivery opening.

Where can we see the hot food vending machine?

The hot food vending machine is dedicated to provide the customers with convenience and fulfillment as they required, and it not only solve the problem of the hardly accessible to the convenience store or restaurant in the remote areas, but also enhance the service of the delivering of hot food in the places where are already developed soundly.

Therefore, nowadays we can see the hot food vending machine almost anywhere, such as gas stations, universities, company canteens, hospitals, train stations, and bus stations, where the restaurants are less accessible for the customers, or the supermarkets, convenience stores, airports, or fast food restaurant, where the service of hot food can be elevated and enhanced to a higher level.

In conclusion, the hot food vending machine allows for the customers to get hot food almost whenever and wherever they want as they want, without being constricted to the time and place that the hot food is always ready for them.

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