Ice Cream Vending Machine

What are ice cream vending machines?

As the name shows, ice cream vending machines have the advantage of making and selling ice cream automatically. It allows business owners to have more storage space to run their business and cut expenses on human resources. It can be customized to fit your store and make more profit for you. What are you waiting for? If you want to know more about the best ice cream vending machine in the world, continue to read the following content.

The following content is going to breakdown the function of ice cream vending machines in two aspects. First of all, you’ll see how ice cream is created by the ice cream vending machine. The second part of the article explains the pros and cons of having ice cream vending machine in your store. After reading all these, you’ll be able to make a better decision and to see if you need ice cream vending machines or not.

How ice cream machine works

The electric motor is the most important component in an ice cream vending machine. It is responsible for producing ice cream and creating different flavors for your customers. There are four commonly seen ice makers on the market, including countertop ice makers, freezer unit ice maker, built-in ice maker, and salt ice maker. Each of them works differently and provides a unique service for your business.

1. Countertop ice makers
It has a double-walled bowl that has urea and distilled water. The water is going to freeze within 24 hours. Once the ice is done in the machine, the machine starts to trigger the paddles and rotate to create a mixture of ice cream. Your ice cream vending machine is good to go.

2. Freezer Unit Ice Maker
The structure of this type of ice maker is close to countertop ice makers, but it is not double-walled. When you need ice, the only thing you have to do is to put place stilled water inside the freezer and pressure the button. Once power is provided to the motor, the paddle starts to mix all ingredients. And the bowl will freeze everything and finish the process for your ice cream vending machine.

3. Built-in ice cream maker
The type of ice cream vending machine is probably one of the most efficient on the market. Simply turn on the machine and leave it run for a couple of minutes, everything is nice and prepared. The whole preparation takes roughly 20-30 minutes. The process is quick and efficient. Because the coolants are all built-in, it takes less time to prepare the ice, about 8 hours. The freezing system is highly efficient and easy to manipulate.

4. Salt Ice Maker
Unlike built-in ice cream maker, salt ice maker has an outer tub. Salt and ice fill the whole tub for the producing process. An electric motor is responsible for blending and making ice cream for the customer. It runs under a low speed, about 80 RPM. The biggest feature of this type of machine is that the texture of its ice cream is thick and smooth.

Pros and cons of ice cream vending machine


1. Low Start-up Costs
For a business starter, money is always a big issue. If you want to start your own ice cream business, buying ice cream vending machine can be a great decision. This is because the majority of your spending comes from the initial purchase of ice cream vending machine. After that, the maintenance fee is relatively low and affordable for most business starters. It is cost-efficient and money-saving for your service. With bill changers and ice cream distributors, you don’t even have to hire a person to do the job. With more modern system, customers can even pay by credit cards.

2. Risk is reduced
With ice cream vending machines, you can start your business on a rather smaller scale. Therefore, the risk of failing (which no one wants) is reduced. Since the money flow can still be in your control and the expense can be covered within a short time.

3. Flexibility in your business
Is firing employees always troubling you? If that’s the case, ice cream vending machine is your best choice. Once you feel the burden of maintaining the situation is too heavy, selling the ice cream vending machine is never a hard thing to do. You own the control of everything in your business. As a business owner, you can still maintain flexibility in your business while expanding the scale.

You can set your opening hours as you wish. Ice cream vending machine never complains and serves at the same quality at any time. The best thing is that you don't have to be physically present with your ice cream selling to your customer. Money is automatically generated.


1. Scale is important
Since each ice cream vending machine produces a certain amount of ice cream in a given time, you need more of them to scale up your revenue. However, it may draw more competition and risk to your business. Also, it may take some time to compensate for to expense you spent on the machine since the price of it is not as cheap as you may think. However, it is still a stable business for most people to start. If you want to join the business, now is the best moment.

2. Growing competition
Selecting a position for your ice cream vending machine is always crucial. Unluckily, you are not the only one thinking about it. Since the interest is growing throughout the nation, more and more small business starters decide to share the big pie. Prime location generates more revenue since more people pass by. And the competition is getting dramatic now. If you have your own ice cream business, do not hesitate and make your move now.

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