Meal Vending Machine

What is a meal vending machine?

A meal vending machine is the vending machine that offers meals instead of drinks that a typical vending machine offers. Conventionally, a vending machine only serves drinks such as sodas or other soft beverages. As the technology advances, there are more and more types of food that a vending machine can serve these days. For instance, there were vending machines that serve potato chips, snacks, or instant noodles. Yet, these are still not the meal vending machines we know today. A meal vending machine, with the technology to better preserve the food as well as the technology to reheat the food, is able to serve hot meals for the customers.

A modern meal vending machine can be taken as the combination of a refrigerator to preserve the food at low temperature and a built-in microwave system to heat the food instead of simply taking the money and push out the ordered items. The other similar hybrid of such machine is the coffee vending machine. It is not the coffee vending machine that gives the coffee which is contained inside the aluminum can or carton, but the one that brew hot coffees for people. With machines as such, people can have hot meals and drinks even when a restaurant or coffee bar is out of reach. A common type of meal vending machine in Japan is the ramen vending machine which offers hot ramen.

Besides the food preserve technology and heating technology, the way a meal vending machine charges has differed from the conventional food vending machines too. The customers could only use coins to buy food or drinks with a conventional vending machine. Later on, the vending machines that take cash were invented and the machine is able to give changes. To date, either the regular vending machines or the meal vending machines can be fed with plastic money in case the customers do not have enough cash at hand. This feature has tremendously enhances the convenience of using the vending machines.

As the meal vending machines have become more convenient and there has been a wider variety of items that customers can get from the machines, the meal vending machine can be seen in more and more places. They can typically be seen at the grocery stores, gas stations, hall way or lobby of a building, even government institutes or the school campus. In fact, more and more students and office staff choose to get their lunch from the meal vending machines instead of a restaurant or a cafeteria. The use of meal vending machine has gradually become a part of some people’s life indeed.

Vending machines are profitable

The food vending machines such as coffee vending machines or meal vending machines are often seen in places like office buildings, apartment complexes, medical centers, or schools. There is a good number of staff or crews that have the need to eat and drink. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to wait around at the café or restaurant nearby and the food vending machines have become a better solution. As a result, the food vending machines are actually more profitable than people think.

The cold meal vending machines and hot meal vending machines which dispense ready-to-eat items or re-heatable items such as salads, sandwiches, burritos, or even full meals are required in some major office buildings, medical centers or schools where the restaurants in the building cannot handle that much load of customers during the lunch time. It is not rare that multiple food or beverage vending machines are emptied within one or even half an hour. The vending machines easily become one of the most profitable investments in these places.

Types of meal vending machine

There are many types of food vending machines or beverage vending machines these days. Some of these machines are truly popular among customers for they offer a wide selection of items, both hot and cold. One of the most common food vending machines that can be found in the States is the salad machine. A salad machine serves pre-packaged salads in plastic boxes or jars sometimes which is popular among female customers or vegans.

There are also pizza vending machines. The pizza vending machine is one of the most popular meal vending machines in the schools or office buildings. Though a pizza vending machine is not able to serve as many types of pizza, typically only one or a couple, it is still popular when a person is craving for a piece of pizza. A pizza vending machine can give out the order within three minutes.

The hot dog vending machine is another common meal vending machine that is highly accepted in the States. In fact, the hot dog vending machines can be seen in almost any major stadiums or baseball fields throughout the states. A hot dog at hand is an essential component to enjoy the games with friends and family. Usually, there will be Pepsi vending machines or Coca Cola vending machines by the hot dog machines so that the experience can be completed.

Other types of vending machines such as beer vending machines, burritos vending machines, burger machines or ice cream vending machines are not rare. They can mostly be found in shopping malls, theme parks or movie theaters. Besides these common types of vending machines, there are also egg vending machines which serve fresh eggs.

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