Small Snack Vending Machine

Introduction of Vending Machine

Vending machines are a kind of selling concept about complete the process of selling and buying without clerks. It is an automated machine provides items for people to buy.

When using a vending machine, you just need to insert the coins or bills, then choose the number of your required items, the product you select would be in your hand almost right away.

Nowadays, because of convenience, people are used to buy foods and drinks from the vending machine. We can see snack vending machines or drink vending machines almost everywhere.

Moreover, the size and items in the vending machine are getting more and more various. You can buy almost everything in the vending machine, for example, snacks, beverages, tobacco, magazines, or any other products that could be put into the vending machine.

Mostly, vending machines would be found in business plazas, leisure places, public places, or even on sidewalks.

History of Vending Machine

It is believed that vending machines are first appeared in the first century invented by Hero of Alexandria, an engineer and mathematician of Roman Egypt. It was used to sell holy water.

The first modern coin-operated vending machines were introduced in London in 1883, invented by Percival Everitt, used to sell stamps.

From then on, vending machines are rapidly spread to the whole world and became a part of our ordinary life.

Nowadays, vending machine has been developed a lot. In some countries, you can find almost everything in the vending machine; in some countries, your neighbor might be vending machines; in some countries, even cars can be found and bought through a vending machine.

Thanks to the man who first came up with the idea, vending machines have facilitated a more convenient lifestyle for us.

Small Snack Vending Machine

This kind of vending machine can mainly be found in companies and communities.

Generally, the small snack vending machine are sized below the average, about 72 inch in height, 39 inch in width, and 33 inch in depth.

Since the capacity of this kind of vending machines are not as much as the ones we see in public places, they are just for people in a specific place to use.

In the past, the snack vending machine would place a button under the image of the product. For example, you want a can of coke, then you can find the image of coke, then insert the required among of coins and press the button under the image. Then, within few seconds, the coke will fall from the shelf to the exit.

The whole process seems smooth and surely makes the buying and selling simpler and more convenient. However, it is unavoidable that the products would be sunken in some level since they fall from the shelf. Thus, the items put in glass containers are not allowed to put in the vending machine to sell.

However, through the continually improving, vending machines nowadays tend to use the technique of robot arms, taking the products from the shelf and putting them to the exit. Thanks to the technology, we can now buy drinks in glass bottles in vending machines.

Moreover, by the trend of mobile payment, buying products from vending machine is getting more and more convenient that now it is possible to buy things without cash. Instead, you can scan the QR code on the machine to pay with your smartphone. 

Market Value

After all, vending machine is a kind of marketing tools. That means it should be useful and popular. Moreover, it is better to be an efficient helper in advertising.

Up to now, vending machines have done well on all of the purposes. Therefore, they are now still stand in the corners of streets.

Below are some features that vending machines can continually exist in our daily life.

● User-friendly
Generally, vending machines are easy to operate. It is intuitive that you do not need to learn many steps to know how to use it.

● Convenience
Vending machines are everywhere. Moreover, the most common products people would buy from vending machines are foods and drinks. That means people can get their basic requires fulfilled without finding food or water everywhere.

Besides, you do not need to wait when buying products from the vending machine. It is also timesaving.

● Low cost
The feature of low cost can benefit both sellers and buyers.

Vending machine can be a tiny store itself so that the sellers do not need to hire a clerk. The salary cost they saved would be give back to the price of the products and make it less expensive which in the end benefits the buyers.

Japan – A Big Fan of Vending Machine

When speaking to the density of vending machine, Japan can be recognized the first place. Moreover, vending machines are developed the best in Japan.

In Japan, vending machines can be recognized everywhere. You might meet one in the street corner and meet the other one in ten few steps.

The first vending machine in the world is for selling holy water. Then, the spotlight went to stamps, then foods and drinks.

Up to now, nearly everything you can think of can be found in vending machines, especially in Japan.

In Taiwan, the most popular vending machines we see is either snack vending machine or drink vending machine, then, the vending machine with surprising box. Moreover, in the post offices, we have vending machine that sells postcards, stamps and envelopes.

However, in Japan, things go more complex.

Besides the basic types, food and drink, you can also find postcard, soy bean sauce, tobacco, magazines, newspaper, and even clothing like tie and shirts in the vending machines in Japan.

To be a little bit exaggerated to describe, you can find almost everything in a vending machine in Japan.

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