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About Snack Vending Machine

Snack vending machines, or abbreviated as snack machines, is nothing new to everyone as not only is it popular among little children, but can also be seen across public facilities. It is an automated machine that provides foods and beverages to consumers after cash, a credit card, or even a specifically designed card that is bound to a particular machine.

A snack vending machine is the perfect alternative to having to pack a lunch to bring to school or work. This is why these machines have been around for centuries that sell snacks, food and beverages. You are looking to start your own snack vending machine business, know that you have an extremely wide variety of options to choose from with different sizes and shapes. As they seem to have a big price range, you will need to do your homework beforehand.

The Mechanism of Snack Vending Machine

You see snack vending machines everywhere: in the mall, at school or at work. So you are definitely not unfamiliar with the keypad that allows you to select your desired product. Not only is the keypad the vending machine’s main input component, but also home for its central computer. Once you key in the number on the pad, it instructs the central computer what to do next.

When insert a bill into the snack machines, it goes through a validator. A treadmill-like path will pull in the bill and through the optical scanners. The optical scanners are essentially small cameras that take image of your money bill. These images are then delivered to the central computer, which runs a program seeking specific markers of worth and authenticity.

As for the coin inserts, snack machines have electromagnets that recognize the types of coin input. Different coins will affect the electromagnets in relation to the metal composition and thickness. This is how a vending machine recognizes whether you are using a penny, dime, quarter, or even a similarly shaped non-metal object. The more advanced snack vending machines will allow you to use credit card as well.

Moreover, many snack machines are equipped with metal spirals that hold bags of chips and candy bars in place. The metal spirals are controlled by a motor built into the vending machine, which allows the spirals to rotate once the central computer has determined that you have inserted the correct number of money and that selection has been made. This then allows the products to be pushed forward and drop to the bottom for retrieval.

At the bottom of the snack machines, you may notice a line of laser beam that determines if your product has been released by the metal spirals. Each laser beam is coupled with an electronic light sensor. When your product falls, it breaks the beam path, informing the central computer that both the transaction and retrieval have been successful.

Benefits of Snack Vending Machines

So why do schools, companies and other public facilities opt to install multiple snack vending machines? That is because they have been scientifically proven to be able to boost productivity and are easy to manage. Here are some the benefits of snack vending machines for your business:

1. Low overheads:
Snack vending machines require no man power, which means you do not have to pay any wages. The only entity that you may be looking to pay is the one that checks on your machine regularly for maintenance purposes. Snack vending machines, despite having to run 24 hours a day, only uses a small amount of electricity to run, thereby not creating a significant burden to your utility expense. All of these mean lower overheads for your business and organization.

2. Easy to manage: Upon installed, a vending machine requires very little maintenance. The ‘operated’ vending model in particular will allow your shelves to be refilled with some of the best-sellers. Payment options have also become less limited as they are becoming more streamlined with solutions such as Apple pay, potentially expanding the popularity and universality of vending machines.

3. Makes money: Vending machine activity can be reliable for a business. With the low overhead costs, you have the opportunity of making substantial revenue from these machines. You must also consider the savings you make on not having to run a canteen or provide snacks and beverages yourself.

4. Keeps staff onsite: Onsite presence of food and drink gives your staff an incentive to stay in the workplace, thereby facilitating productivity. If your business lacks restaurants and convenience stores nearby, you’d be surprised how many would opt to take advantage of the snack vending machines on site.

Keeping your employees in workplace allow more opportunities to engage with one another, thereby fostering team harmony and morale. When traveling for food is not an option, a food and beverage vending machine will allow your staff to have enough time to relax, socialize and recharge.

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