Soup Vending Machine

What is a soup vending machine?

A soup vending machine, as the name implies, is a vending machine that provides hot soup for the customer to eat. The soup vending machine is operated completely automatically, which only requires the customer to put the coins inside, and press some buttons, then the hot soup that comes out later can warm the customer’s stomach with minutes.

There is no operator or clerk to initiate the machine, and does some settings in order to let the soup that the customer has chosen to come out. Instead, as the above introduction has mentioned, it works automatically, which free the owners of the soup vending machine reduce the cost of labor expenditure, for example.

The design of the soup vending machine aims to provide the customers with instant hot soup at their convenience, which is similar to the automated barista that offers instant hot coffee as the customers need, and the coffee from this machine is not inferior to that of the clerk at a coffee shop makes.

This impressive feature allows the customers not to wait for a long line, waste their break time or the time gap before going to work, and get their coffee. Instead, the soup vending machine saves a lot of waiting time for the customers, as it works fast and is able to provide the soup with the same good quality as that of the restaurant.

Hence, there are a variety of places that own the soup vending machines for offering the customers with convenience, such as on the corner of a street, at the strain station, or at the airport, to name a few.

How does a soup vending machine form?

There might be two types of soup vending machine, and they are categorized depending on how they provide the soup. One of them is like the automated barista, which delivers powers of soup first, then hot water to brew the soup. The other provides canned soup that has already made as liquid.

For the former type of soup vending machine, there are the exterior cabinet with a control penal and a coin validator, a central distribution point at the bottom, and the pump, valves, hoses and wires all at the back.

Since this type of soup vending machine require hot water to be distributed then the power can be brewed as a cup of soup, the machine is equipped with pump, which delivers hot water when it is necessary.

In contrast, the soup vending machine that offers canned soup does not have the pumps, valves, and hoses, because there is no need of instant hot water for this type. Instead, there is a chamber on exterior of s canned soup vending machine, where the canned soup falls into.

On the interior, there are can stacks and feeder trays, and each tray is equipped with a large rotating wire spiral that holds the canned soup. Once the interior components receive the message of the customer’s choice, the canned soup would be delivered from the feeder trays into the chamber.

As the progress of technology, there are more and more payment systems that are available either in the stores or even in the soup vending machine. In addition to the coin validator, some of the newer soup vending machines are equipped with card validators, which accept credit cards, so that the customers can be free from bringing coins or cash with them, which enhances the convenience of the soup vending machine to a higher level.

How does a soup vending machine work?

The operation of the soup vending machine all starts when the customer inserts the coins. When the coins are inserted from the validator, the light sensors and the electromagnets inside the machine would detect the what sizes and kinds of coins there are.

The soup vending machine is also equipped with a mini-sized computer. The mini-sized computer is used to check the payment and receive the message of which one of the products that the customer has chosen.

On the payment is enough, and the customer has pressed the button on the control panel on the outside, the mini-sized computer would turn the spiral that holds the product, and then the canned soup would fall down from the feeder trays to the chamber.

After that, the computer inside would count the numbers of the remaining coins that should be returned back, then the coins would be released one by one from the column of stacked coins for the customer to take them back.

These procedures only require the interaction between the customers and the computer inside the soup vending machine, then the delivering of soup takes just a few minutes, which provides a more efficient way to meet the need of the customers, who are always on the go, without having to wait for a long line.

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