01. Huge Traffic Potential

  • The IMTS show generates valuable traffic for you.
  • Show visitors include machine users, buyers, agents and attendees, exactly the target audience you are trying to reach.
  • Through the MTS Online Exhibition you can utilize this organic traffic to generate leads for your business.
Total Visits1112600
Most Visits277000
Avg. Monthly Visits92733

MTS Online Exhibition
transforms this potential

02. Top 6 Google Ranking

Throughout the year IMTS-exhibition.com ranks within the TOP 6 spots 80% of the time (Keywords:IMTS2020), creating great exposure for your products and immense click-through opportunities.

Google Position >
  • #1  
  • #2  
  • #3  
  • #4  
  • #5  
  • #6  
  • #7  
  • #8  
  • #9  
  • #10  

ranks in the
80% of the time

Why is this important?

92% of all Search Traffic is
generated from Page 1 !

Data Source: https://chitika.com/google-positioning-value

03. High CTR through Engagement

We estimate that visitors from Google Search inquires of [IMTS + Machine Type] will be 80% clicking through with vendors placing a video and 60% with a photo listing.

Immersive experience by engaging videos & product showrooms.

Huge Potential for your
products to be seen!

Click-Through Rates = Inquiries

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