What makes our PPC Ad Management Services special?

In the light of the worldwide epidemic we have transformed the IMTS platform into a virtual exhibition hall to fully display the advantages of various products - just like it used to be at real-life trade shows.

The comprehensive product catalogue simulates the visit of a real-life exhibition for the user. This experience is the basis for our co-op advertising model: we strategically place Google Ads keywords for specific products from multiple manufacturers to increase the overall amount of capital. This keeps your investment low while significantly boosting the exposure of your machines, parts or accessories. We bring the visitors to your virtual booths!

Pay Per Click 101

  • If done properly, PPC is the fastest way to drive sales and target customers
  • Google web search accounts for nearly 70% of the total search engine capacity
  • Google assets have a 94% total share in the Search engine market

Search Engine Market Share

Pay-per-Click KPI Report Examples

Our digital marketing team will work closely with you to evaluate the country/region where potential customers are located for your industry. Our data analysis will provide you with insights on web search habits of users and latest trends in each region. This will help you adjust your strategy and ensure that the brand message is in line with the local situation.

Below you can see some sample data showing data reports and anylsis for the keyword VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER :

Search Volume I

3United States9,900
7South Korea1,600
10United Kingdom1,000

Search Volume II

Vertical Machining Center - Search Volume USA

Vertical Machining Center - Search Volume India

Vertical Machining Center - Search Volume Germany

Clicks & Conversions I

Clicks by Country

Conversions by Country

India USA Philippines Malaysia Ireland UK Thailand Myanmar Indonesia Other

Clicks & Conversions II

Clicks by Gender

Conversions by Gender

Male Undetermined Female

Visitor Age

Conversions by Age

Google Ads Monthly Report

Close xCTR & Impressions
Each time your ad appears on the Google search results page, it's counted as one impression. Increasing your impressions is the first step to get more clicks. The clickthrough rate (CTR) can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing. A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads and listings helpful and relevant. Anything over 2% can be considered an above-average CTR.

Click Through Rate & Impressions

Close xCost Per Click
A conversion is a reached goal that you have defined for users entering your (landing) page. For example, this could be a ‘contact us’ inquiry. The average number of conversions per ad interaction, shown as a percentage. Conversion rates are calculated by taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad interactions that can be tracked. Long-term we always strive to elevate our customers' conversion rate over 10%.

Conversion Rate & Cost

Close xCost Per Click
Cost-per-click (CPC) shows how much each click has cost you on average when bidding for an ad with competitors for the same keyword/region. The cost varies depending on the popularity of a keyword and the regions you are competing in. Our team will find the best setup for your requirements ( manual vs. automatic bidding, etc.)

Cost Per Click

Close xTop Campaigns
A campaign is aset of keywords and bids with one budget for a certain location and other settings. All campaigns can be analyzed separately and against each other (A-B-testing) to find the most efficient way for your ads regarding CTR, CPC, and conversion cost.

Top Campaigns

Close xDevice Breakdown
See at a glance what devices (PC, mobile, tablet) your potential customers are using and discuss with our adjustments to your website and ad design accordingly. Besides, there are many more demographics that provide valuable insights on your potential online customers around the world (gender, age groups, time slots, etc.)

Device Breakdown


Estimated KPI Improvement

Here is what you can expect from IMTS PPC Management Services:




Click-through Rate (CTR)130%


Cost per Click (CPC)-42%



Our Ads will attract Potential Customers to
your Online Booth!

IMTS PPC Management Process

Step 1

Campaign Goal Setting

  • Audit & accurate keyword evaluation
  • Determining most suitable regional positioning for ads
  • Competitor and industry analysis
Step 2

Campaign Execution

  • Initial activity development and strategy
  • Creation of Ad Copy
  • Strategic cost per click (CPC) management
Step 3

Optimization and Testing

  • Bid adjustment
  • A/B test
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Device optimization (mobile/tablet vs. desktop)
  • Continuous tracking and flexible adjustments
Step 4


  • Evaluate advertising effectiveness and quality score
  • Analyze click-through rate (CTR) + exposure rate
  • Monthly search performance report
  • Situation Assessment & new campaign outline

How we utilize PPC Google Ads for you!

Increase brand & product awareness

We place your ads with the right digital marketing strategy on the Google Search results page and help you boost your product exposure. Our total PPC package includes initial data and industry analysis,in-campaign implementation and adjustmentand final complete result reports. We carry it out, you remain in control!

Let customers see your machines and services

PPC is the most accurate and efficient way of online advertising and marketing, with flexible adjustments to ad copy and visual content at any time. We make sure to place your ads appropriately and effectively drive traffic to your product site, increasing the chances of inquiries and orders.

Find & attract new customers!

With Google’s native and our own additional ad marketing tools we efficiently improve the accuracy of your advertising based on consumer search behavior and historical trajectories, allowing you to directly contact your potential consumers.

Promote your products and increase exposure

With our cooperational ad structure we are enabling customers to deepen their brand impressions and attract more potential customers with relatively low expenses. With our monthly search performance report every individual customer can easily evaluate the advertising effectiveness, quality score and other key metrics.

  • Don't waste time and money figuring out PPC Google Ads - we got your back!
  • Efficient PPC campaigns require expertise and the right tools - we got both!
  • You want a custom strategy for your industry and search terms/keywords - we understand!
  • IMTS is the platform for you start right away: multiple channels for synergi stic PPC product marketing

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