10 Precision Components manufactured with CNC Machine Tools

Posted on Jul 17, 2020

Precision Component

The modern world we live in is blessed with highly developed technology that makes life a lot easier for us. Almost all gadgets, devices, machines, or some of their components that we use daily were manufactured by precision CNC machine tools. CNC precision machining allows us to produce the most complex precision components at a relatively low cost and fast production rate while maintaining high accuracy and repeatability.

So how are precision components crucial to everything we do that can be created using CNC Machining? Let’s have a look:

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10 Precision Components

1. Housings & Enclosures
The housing is used to prevent small machine parts from contacting external objects. CNC machine tools allow us to create customized bearing block units to increase the efficiency of these machine tool parts. These shells are milled from solid materials, which makes them very durable and provides a high degree of protection. 
2. Rollers
CNC machines also help us maximize the development of rollers for conveyor systems. Conveyor rollers are precision components used in roller conveyors and material transport racks to support and move large items. The roller makes the goods roll from one place to another, thereby reducing the workload of moving the goods. 

3. Suspension Arms
These precision components help lift other components to a specific height or angle. CNC machines can help you build a machine with the highest precision. For many car owners, control arms, bushings and ball joints may not be commonplace. You may not even have heard of them, but they are a key component of a vehicle's suspension system, allowing your tires to move up and down smoothly and in a controlled manner. Without them, your ride may not be very pleasant. Most vehicles use one or two control arms for each wheel on the front and rear suspension.
4. Ball Joints
Another type of precision component manufactured with machine tools is ball joints for automobiles and other vehicles. They consist of ball sockets similar to the human hip joint. The ball joints of the front suspension provide pivotal movement between the knuckle and the control arm to provide safe, smooth driving and allow you to control the vehicle precisely.

5. Fittings and Fixtures
Fixing devices are usually attached or "fixed" items and fixed devices are not permanently fixed items, except for nails or screws (such as pictures or mirrors). It is generally believed that unless otherwise stated, fixtures will be included in the sale of real estate, and unless the seller expressly discards them, fixtures will not be included. 

6. Brackets
Metal brackets are used to provide support in a range of machines. CNC machinery can manufacture customized machined brackets suitable for various machines. The5-axis CNC machining capability allows more complex brackets to be processed with optimal efficiency and accuracy, for example for the aerospace industry.
7. Machine Shafts
Shafts are long cylindrical machine parts used in various equipment. Depending on the application, more specific terms can be used. For example, the drive shaft transmits power from the engine or motor to the rest of the system, and the shaft is the shaft that carries the wheels or gears. Generally, they are rotating parts designed to transfer power from one part of the system to another, although they can also be used to support system components.
8.Valve Bodies
The valve body is an important part of the vehicle's automatic transmission frame. It works in the system framework. The valve body directs the pressurized transmission fluid to the valve system, which is equipped with a suitable handle assembly to smoothly shift the gears. Also, the valve uses the weight of the pressure drive flag to determine the gear set, otherwise it is called servo. This process will be performed when the speed changes from low to high or vice versa.
9. Spacers
Spacers are simple but still precise components used to increase the distance between parts to be fixed. The gasket is usually a section of pipe through which fasteners are inserted. Therefore, shorter gaskets may be similar to thick gaskets. Gaskets are sometimes used as small gaskets. Shims are similar to feet, but the feet include threaded shafts or holes so that they can be installed without additional fasteners. 
CNC spindles play a vital role in machining. These machined components are the basis for a fast and efficient process, while also ensuring that the elements produced are as accurate as possible. Of course, there are many more precision components that can be machined thanks to CNC machine tools, the possibilities are endless. We hope we gave you at least an overview of what is possible in terms of precision components.

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