5 Ways To Introduce Multi Spindle Drilling Machine

Posted on Apr 16, 2020

Multi Spindle Drilling Machine

In metalworking, the drilling machine is one of the machine tool models that has undergone in-depth research and development. Due to its multi-tasking and convenient design, it can handle many types of tasks related to drilling and boring in one stop.

Regarding the history of the multi-spindle drilling machine, initially, the drilling machine evolved from the milling machine design in the early 20th century. Since then, diverse machining centers have been widely used in various industries for professional and precision purposes, and have contributed to the development of industrial achievement. Now, with the adoption of multi-spindle technology in the market, multi-spindle drilling machine has been welcomed in many phases.

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Terms and Definition

The term multi spindle drilling machine can be used to describe various CNC (computer numerical control) drilling machine which equipping multi-spindle, including several key accessories designed and assembled with the frame itself, such as tool magazine, ATC (automatic tool changer), CMM (coordinate measuring machine), multi-axis working table (with different guided motion design) and many other auxiliary accessories. These accessories for multi-spindle drilling machines are used to further improve the accuracy and precision of drilling performance. Besides multi-spindle drilling machines, other milling machines and drilling machines are machine tools that use a spinning tool to remove material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces under the control of a CNC system or manual operation. Although operations of multi-spindle drilling machines today are mainly controlled by CNC programs, manual operations still exist for a large number of reasons (mostly related to custom-designed models).


Multiple Tasks Solving

The milling and drilling processes on a single multi-spindle drilling machine can meet a variety of machining requirements, and this ability depends on the different tracks mounted on the axes, allowing the machining tool to move around the workpiece. The axis number of multi-spindle drilling machines depends on the customer's needs. There is no absolute optimal number, only the most suitable choice according to user needs. Unlike lathes, multi-spindle drilling machine covers a wide variety of operations and involve tasks ranging from single tiny parts to heavy and large gang milling. At the same time, it is similar to turning in some respects. Because multi-spindle drilling machine is the most widely used machining method, which can provide precise tolerances within strict standards and requirements.

Therefore, the research and development of multi-spindle drilling machines are highly praised in the industry due to the productivity and effective characteristics of the production and processing of workpieces with complex profiles and machining depths, which is difficult to achieve by traditional methods. With the development of multi-spindle drilling processes, many machining methods have emerged, and the machining center is one of the most popular and widely used methods. The multi-spindle drilling machine is a highly developed machine that can handle multiple types of milling, drilling, and even boring tasks simultaneously, and is an evolution from a traditional milling machine. Initially, due to increasing demand from the US aerospace and automotive industries, machine centers evolved from milling machines in the 1960s, and this trend has expanded to other parts of the world. Once it is workable, a local industrial trend will eventually spread to the work market.

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NC Development and More

Since CNC technology has been applied to milling machines, the development of this particular type of machine tool has made good progress in the entire industrial field. After that, the CNC-based drilling machine with a multi-spindle has been widely used in various industries and has made extensive contributions to the industry.


Drilling Capacity

Speaking of drilling at the beginning, this is the process of drilling holes in a workpiece that has been cast or cut, such as during the drilling of ventilation holes, or rough drilling on the engine cylinder. By the following boring process, this process can be used to obtain greater hole diameter accuracy and can be used to cut tapered holes with specific specifications. From a machining point of view, drilling can be regarded as the inner diameter counterpart of the turning process, and reduce the outer diameter. The drill bar can be supported at both ends or at one end. As a result, the research and development of drilling machines with multi-spindle have been widely popular in the industry because of their production and effective characteristics. It can process workpieces with complex profiles and diameters on one machine, which is comparatively hard to achieve by conventional machine tool models. With this expectation, the following development and machining center concepts were gradually realized.

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Multiple functionalities

In the commercial market, just like drilling machines equipped with multi-spindle, the term "milling and drilling machine" or "milling and drilling center" can be used to describe various CNC machine tools, which are equipped with some key, sometimes optional accessories. They are equipped with the body itself, such as a power turret, power tool, tool magazine, automatic tool changer, automatic pallet changer, coordinate measuring machine, multi-axis table (such as cradle type waving A-B axis). Unlike boring, the drilling process can be implemented on different machine tools, including general-purpose or universal machine tools, such as multi-spindle drilling machine, turning center, milling center, and machining center. However, if you want to have other specific properties, such as quick drilling, deep hole drilling, broaching, etc., you need a professional drilling machine, perhaps designed with a multi-spindle, to perform such processing tasks.


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