A Brief Introduction to Chamfering Machines and Related Machineries

Posted on Dec 11, 2018

A Brief Introduction to Chamfering Machines and Related Machineries

Chamfering machines are machines that can cut the transition edge between two faces on an object. Sometimes chamfering is defined as a form of bevel, and it is usually processed at a 45 degree angle between two adjacent right-angle faces. Chamfer machines are frequently used in the industry.

What Is Chamfering Machine? A Brief Intro To Chamfering Machine and Related Machinery


A chamfering machine is a machine that can cut the transition edge between two faces on an object. Sometimes chamfering is defined as a form of bevel, and it is usually processed at a 45 degree angle between two adjacent right-angle faces. Chamfering is frequently used in the industry.



Chamfering machines are commonly used in metal processing, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, concrete formwork, and printed circuit boards. Chamfering helps the assembly of mechanical components, providing a well-designed structure and shape.



In practical applications, the chamfer design is usually used for the contact surface of component assembly, or assembly that requires manual insertion of parts. On the other hand, flexible materials such as hydrodynamic seals generally require shallower angles, such as 20 degrees.


Performance and benefits

The chamfer machines can cut bevels at any right-angled edges, such as the ends of holes, rods, bolts and pins. In addition, for example, corners of the long side of the board, or objects where both surfaces contact at an acute angle, in these cases, the chamfering process helps to simplify the subsequent assembly. Because after chamfering, assembly will be easier and tight.


Added value models

Nowadays, many machine tool manufacturers tend to add some other functions to their machineries. For example, lathes may be equipped with milling functions, and milling machines may be designed with drilling and tapping functions.

Among them, the machining center has the ability to handle a wide range of tasks, so it is one of the most popular machine tool options. The machining center can also designed with other functions, such as chamfering, which is very helpful to machine users with complex machining requirements. With the chamfering function, ordinary machining centers or milling centers can achieve better and wider machining capabilities, and have multi-functional cutting performance, which is rare compared to traditional milling based machine tools and focused chamfering machines. Integrating certain machining functions into one machine is a trend for cutting machine tools, molding equipment, and even some plastic production lines, because this can bring about maximum productivity and greatly reduce cycle time. Nowadays, more and more chamfering machines are also designed with other processing functions. Therefore, field operators can have broadened processing freedom.


Machine center development

In the current decade, for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and 3C consumable industries, the development of machining centers has become increasingly urgent. The machining center is one of the most effective metal processing solutions in the industry today.

In this article, we introduce them: Swing head is a type that can achieve most machining angles. This machine and other 5-axis compositions, such as four plus one and three plus two, are considered convenient. Compared with the 3 axes machine, the 5 axes machine has more practical advantages. Traditional machining centers are designed with at least 3 axes, namely x, y, and z. Whether it is a horizontal or vertical machine structure, it can be equipped with other axes, making the machine 5 axes.

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Working tables count

The additional two axes designed on the rotary table assist the x, y, and z axis to move to the two new working dimensions, allowing for more cutting possibilities in multiple angles. All these mechanisms are under the control of the computer numerical control unit, so that the synchronous action perfectly matches the ideal precision. Today, some machines similar to machining centers are also trying to become universal. Although they are not as flexible as machining centers, machine operators can add automated procedures to them so that they can complete complex machining tasks individually.


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