A CNC Turn Mill Lathe Makes Turning Possible in Every Angle!

Posted on Feb 11, 2020


A milling lathe?
Yes! Due to the fast development of the live tools technology, now in the metalworking industry, CNC turn mill lathe (also known as turning center) is one of the most advanced turning facilities in the market for the production lines all over the globe. For many processing reasons, with the advanced turning and milling competence, a turn mill centre can normally achieve all kinds of the processing missions and task demands including both turning and milling if the work piece size is within its chuck and the cylinder capacity is enough to cope with the demands.

What is this made of?

Because CNC mill turn lathe models (it is mill turn here rather than turn mill mentioned above) are very common processing equipment in the modern industry in the recent decade, especially in the multi-tasking process missions, this is normally a CNC mill turn lathe now with the milling functionalities and competence added into the milling machinery framework. For the latter, which is a milling machine as the machine basis that can conduct programmed (CNC) milling as well as programmed turning procedures, and can even proceed complicated mill-turn complex profile machining.

Programmed cutting

As complicated as it is, the machining per se is rather hard to be abiding by for onsite operators but some experienced workers. Therefore, instead of bearing the manual risks, computerized programming machining becomes the main method for business owners for this kind of processing.

Further reasons

Because this type of lathe machines is a complicated programmed turning cutter that can deal with a series of sophisticated turning and milling tasks and achieve shorter cycle time within a relative cost range, a CNC turn mill centre lathe is also called a turning center (or centre), which is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on the x-axis of rotation to perform various machining operations such as cutting, knurling, facing, and turning.

Application of turn mill

In the turn mill basis, machining procedures are conducted with live tools that are applied to the work piece and to create an object with symmetry with the axis which is driven by the primary or major spindle components. Moreover, among all the important lathe accessories in the modern industry, power turret is a powered and customized accessory of many CNC mill turn and turn mill centers, and as one of the most important accessories to the users of CNC lathes.

Now, many lathe manufacturers in the USA, China, and Taiwan aim at this lucrative business and have developed many well-known power turret and powered live tools that supports the demands from users of the complicated machining tasks.

Conventional turret and power turret

For conventional turrets with no power support, such complicated machining is not possible. Therefore, only with the power turret, a CNC turn mill centre machine, or say, a CNC turning center, can conduct not only turning, but also milling and multi-tasking machining tasks that were only possible on the machining centers in the old days.

Today, in the assembly plant of turning machinery, it is clear that many of these power turrets are driven by single motor with servo features, which can assure the best cutting effects and save the optimal energy consumption; at the meantime, they can also provide great rigidity onto the work pieces, rendering a perfect cutting performance on the production line for both manufacturing sites and assembly plants all over the world.

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