A Glimpse into the Non-food Vending Machines

Posted on Apr 28, 2021

Non Food Vending Machine

You'd be surprised how often people forget to bring their headphones, and opt to obtain one of them from the vending machines for emergency relief. In this article, we’ll view some of the vending machines that go beyond just snacks and drinks.


Vending machines aren't just about selling small bags of chips, cookies, and soda anymore. In fact, they have far gone beyond standard food products. It is no longer unordinary to see non-food items, such as headsets, clothing, souvenirs, and other tech gadgets in one of these prevalent vending machines. These non-food items have so much potential that businesses have started to capitalize on these opportunities. 

What all these non-food items have in common is that they are typically the kind of products people might need right away or can be immediately put to use. Just like food vending machines, non-food vending machines are typically located at a place where foot traffic can easily reach. You’d be surprised how often people forget to bring their headphones, and opt to obtain one of them from the vending machines for emergency relief. In this article, we'll view some of the vending machines that go beyond just snacks and drinks.

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Phone Card Vending Machine

Phone card vending machines are generally located in convenience stores or airports. They mainly sell disposable phone cards for travelers. This kind of vending machine is especially useful for those who are traversing internationally, as the machine can dispense a broad range of international and local calling cards. In light of the reason that this type of machine revolves around travelers, you’ll often find a map vending machine sitting next to one of these phone card vending machines as well. It is also worth noting that some snack vending machines can be configured to dispense phone cards as well.

Cigarette Vending Machine

This type of vending machine is typically located in bars and clubs. However, you may not come across one of these in certain regions wherein a legal ban against vending cigarettes has been enacted. For instance, vending machines that dispense cigarettes are prohibited in most parts of the United States. But in other countries, you may be able to find a cigarette vending machine on the street, provided that there is no legal restriction of any kind. You'll typically find a cigarette vending machine sitting next to a vending machine that dispenses alcohol and beverage.

Dollar Bill Changing Machine

This is a very prevalent and unique type of non-food vending machine. They are capable of changing dollar bills into smaller currency or an exclusive token. You’ll most likely be able to find a dollar bill-changing machine everywhere around the globe, particularly in casinos, arcades, laundromats, etc. Also, some similar types of dollar bill-changing machines allow you to convert your currency by coins or bills into certain types of credits.

Ticket Vending Machine

This type of non-food vending machine is popular in many places, where bus passes, lottery tickets, train tickets, and subway tickets are dispensed. In recent years, movie theaters have gradually deployed these automatic ticket dispensing machines so that people won’t have to wait in long lines just to purchase a movie ticket. Some ticket vending machines, in arcades for instance, “accept” tickets instead of dispensing them so that people can exchange them for toys and prizes. This type of vending also features more payment options, namely by accepting credit and debit cards because the items involved are typical of higher value than that of standard items.

Postage Stamp Vending Machine

Post offices in some countries are beginning to deploy vending machines that dispense postage stamps. This greatly reduces the queue wait time in post offices because they are typically packed with people at certain times of the day. More advanced models are even capable of dispensing postcards and pre-stamped envelopes. As a matter of fact, the first postcard dispensing machine was actually found in London, though it was only coin-operated without alternative payment options available.

Car Wash Product Vending Machine

This type of vending machine is relatively niche and dispenses products for your vehicle. The car wash product vending machines offer a wide array of car products, such as fresheners or even visor CD holders. They are typically located inside oil changing locations or car washes. This type of machine takes advantage of road traffic that enhances profitability while keeping manpower at the minimum.

Hygiene Products Vending Machine

This type of vending machine is mostly found outside the public restrooms or inside the women's restrooms. The primary item offered are little packs of tissues, but the machines can also offer feminine hygiene products. Some of these hygiene-oriented vending machines even offer baby wipes and baby diapers.

Sports Product Vending Machine

As the name implies, this type of vending machine can typically be found in sports centers. For instance, in bowling alleys, socks and wax can be found in one of these vending machines. Some sports product vending machines also sell balls, tees, dampeners, etc. This type of vending machine is definitely becoming increasingly popular over the years.

Office Supplies Vending Machine

Office supplies vending machines are relatively less popular compared with other non-food vending machines. They are often found in education facilities and business corporations. This type of vending machine offers all kinds of office supplies ranging from pencils to computer discs. It is not hard to see that the office supplies vending machine will continue to grow in popularity, especially among late-night workers.

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