A Quick Guide to Steel Strip Slitting Line

Posted on May 3, 2021

Steel Strip Slitting Line

A steel strip slitting line machine is the cut to length machine (CTL) used to handle heavy gauge materials and cut the steel strips to the desired length. The steel strips slitting line can provide high speed and high precision cut with quick tool changeover technology to produce high-quality steel sheets or plates.

What Is a Steel Strip Slitting Line Machine Used for?

Also known as a heavy gauge line machine, a steel strip slitting line machine is the cut to length machine (CTL) that is used to handle the heavy gauge materials and cut the steel strips to the desired length precisely. The production cycle of the steel strip slitting line including the unrolling process, slitting process, and tensioning process to ensure the best quality of steel strip products. Steel strip slitting line machines are preferred to be used in a wide range of industries such as the food and beverage industry, electronics, and the construction industry today. 

Typically handling the wide steel coils, the steel strips slitting line can provide high speed and high precision cut with quick tool changeover technology to produce high-quality steel sheets or plates. Many steel strips slitting lines also employ a recoiling system to reshape the slit-to-width coils to create customized profiles. Steel strip slitting line is mostly designed for heavy gauge coils ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm in thickness, 600 mm to 3000 mm in width. The steel mults, which refer to the slit-to-width steel sheets or plates, that are processed by the slitting line machine are cut with minimum burrs with the high-performance circular cutters, which provide reliable and efficient production.

Why Do You Need a Steel Strip Slitting Line?

For starters, the high level of automation of steel strip slitting line systems provides the user ease of set up and operations as well as maintenance. The automatic feeder and stacking tools that widely employed in the cut to length machine are helpful to further increase the productional efficiency and accuracy of the system. The continuous slitting by the dynamic cutters and the consistent feed permit the steel strips to be moved and precisely cut at a high speed.

In addition to enhancing productivity, using a steel strip slitting line can reduce the material costs under the high precision cut. Without waste, the user of the steel strip slitting line can provide the products with accurate dimensions, no longer requiring any secondary material handling devices. The customers who are looking for standard steel plates or sheets can also find the products of precise, desired lengths.

Uncoiling Process

After the steel strips are loaded into the steel strip slitting line, the machine first unrolls the raw materials to optimize the surface properties prior to the slitting system. In the uncoiling process, the heavy gauge stocks will be fed into the uncoiler, mostly expanding mandrel single end form, which is an ideal solution for both light and heavy-duty applications. Once the feeding car threads the mandrel with the ID (inside diameter) of the master coil, the steel master coil will be spun off the mandrel. The raw material is peeled, permitting the coil head to be able to move into the edge guides. The uncoiling and flattening process that can identify and remove the defects of the steel strip surfaces is helpful, especially when flatness and better surface quality are essential for downstream operations. steel strip slitting line.

The uncoiler system in the steel strip slitting lines mostly has an expansion limit,  which makes them suitable for stocks from 16 to 20 inches or from 20 to 24 inches. If the user needs to process strips with a larger inside diameter than the uncoiler system can handle, some types of filler plate will be needed, which takes a bit of downtime to load and remove away from the uncoiler system. 

Heavy Gauge Cut-to-length Process

After unrolling the heavy gauge stocks, the material will be fed to the cutting area,  which employs 2 arbors that are installed parallelly with dynamic blades that cut the strips automatically. Under high-speed rotation and feeding of the roller system or the grip feed tools, the cutting is completed as the steel strips momentarily paused after it is fed to the predetermined length beyond the slitting point. The blades in a steel strip slitting line partially advance into the steel strips during the cut-to-length process, then cracks and fractures occur on both sides of the steel coils. 

The slitting system accurately cuts the heavy gauge material, the rubber stripper ring and scrap winder can offer high quality outside edges at this stage in a steel strip slitting line machine. The scrap winder is designed for edge trims, on the other hand, the rubber stripper rings are used to eliminate burrs and other surface defects. They can further enhance the product quality of the steel sheets and plates and the smoothness of other operations.

Slit Tensioning Process

Last but not least, in many cases, the thicker slit-to-width steel coils in the center rewind to a bigger diameter than the edge area, which requires a slit tensioning process to improve the product quality. Before the staking process or recoiling operations in a steel strip slitting line, tensioning devices like various types of tensioning stands are widely used to handle with the master coils that have a larger diameter in the center. Therefore they are taken up faster from the center parts, but the two sides are held loosely. 

In the past, slitting lines without tensioning technology can only work in tight-line mode, the user would have to insert pieces of paper with the thinner parts, making the thinner area have the same diameter as the thicker parts, which is actually very dangerous. With the loop slitting and tensioning devices, a proper amount of back tension will be applied to the stock without any damage to the steel strips, providing a safer and more effective solution to handle the different thicknesses.

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