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Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Oil Mist Air Cleaner

In today's manufacturing plants, lubricants, coolants, and many other cutting fluids are scattered in the air. They are consumables that machine tool users need to prepare when performing machining tasks, because cutting metal can cause a lot of friction, debris, and heat. Oil mist collectors are the solution for these issues, rendering clean air.

About Oil Mist Air Cleaner - Why the Air Need to be Cleaned?

Today, in manufacturing plants, lubricants, coolants, and many other cutting fluids are dispersed in the air. They are consumables prepared by machine tool users when performing machining tasks, because many friction, chips, and heat are generated during the metal cutting process.

These liquids and metal particles are always scattered into the air in the work area, thus causing pollution to the workers of the manufacturing plant and forming serious occupational safety hazards. Therefore, how to eliminate those liquids and metal chips emitted form machining process has become an urgent issue to be solved in order to have a clean air, since only with a clean air environment, can people work well.


Hazardous Conditions

Not only are cutting fluids affecting the clean air are harmful to factory workers, but there are many other pollutants to the clean air in processing plants that can cause more serious health issues, such as gas, engine oil, and engine exhaust. These emissions will cause serious and long-term occupational injuries to workers. Here, we will introduce some cleaning equipment.


Plant Air: An Essential Element to Workers

For humans, the air elements inhaled every day is very important. Most industrial air filtration systems and industrial oil mist collectors can help protect factory employees and equipments, clean up the workshop area, and thus reduce the stress on the entire space.

Imagine if these metal chips and oil particles are attached to the production equipments. Over time, these equipments will be seriously contaminated by stains and rust, which may cause serious failures and huge economic losses. Oil smokes, dusts, welding wastes are all harmful and even grinding process would cause some waste dusts during the finish grinding process.

Industrial dust is different from ordinary dusts we have in house. Industrial dusts are more dangerous since those dusts contain multiple elements. The same situation is in the welding process in which the welding would cause lots of wastes and those welding wastes need to be processed by professional measures, otherwise the welding wastes will cause serious pollution.


The Cleaning by Filtering Oil Mists

With an air filtration system, contaminated air is drawn into the inlet below the first stage filter, where most of the oil particles are trapped. When the first stage filter reaches saturation, the oil droplets will coalesce and drain down into the oil tank below the filter.

This process will automatically evacuate, let the reusable air through the second stage filter, and filter out fine mist and smoke particles there. The third stage is the coreless final filter, which can capture the smallest particles remaining, up to 0.30 microns. Then clean air is discharged from the top of the collector. The entire air cleaning cycle will proceed in a smooth manner.


Market Demands

In the manufacturing or metal processing industry, there will inevitably be contaminated oil mist. After the coolant and lubricant come into contact with a tool or work piece rotating at high speed, the liquid will be scattered and may even emit smoke due to high temperature. All smoke has different types of risk factors, so exposure should be minimized. Oil mist collectors typically use fluffy fiberglass filter media to collect H2O or petroleum-based processing fluids.


New Inspiration

According to this concept, industrial air filtration devices are usually designed vertically and have a three stage filtration, which helps to drain excess coolant and keep the filter clean for a longer time, effectively filtering out finer harmful mist.

In addition, the industrial oil mist air filtration system can provide customers with the option to clean the ambient air in the factory. This can largely help the welding process to have less harmful wastes. It also applies to oil smokes since the filtration can make oil smokes into much clean air and the existing oil smokes can thus be dealt with properly.


Inevitable Oil Mist

Modern metal processing machinery requires the use of a variety of liquids that cause high pollution, such as coolants and lubricants, to reduce friction and eliminate mechanical wear. These fluids contain different chemical elements including oil, minerals and contaminants to protect the metal and ensure that no chemical reactions occur during processing.

Sometimes, when these fluids come into contact with high speed cutting tools or work pieces, oil mist is generated, which is then scattered into the factory air and spreads. Due to the high temperature of metal parts during processing, smoke may also be caused. Although there are regulations restricting exposure to oil mist, the composition of these fluids is complex, which makes it difficult to define safe exposure rate and how plant owners should respond to this situation.

Therefore, industrial air filtration or ventilation systems are a wise investment, which can avoid a lot of maintenance costs and protect the health of workers, making the oil smokes less harmful to the environment.

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