Aerospace Component Manufacturing in the Year 2020

Posted on Sep 22, 2020

Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Aerospace component manufacturing is a type of engineering and manufacturing process that has almost no room for error-the essence of aerospace engineering requires the highest accuracy, responsibility and efficiency in the manufacture of aerospace components.

Many aerospace parts use CNC machining for testing, configuration and production. Ideally, each engineering project and created parts or parts can achieve the highest accuracy. When it comes to machining aerospace parts, this is a particularly urgent issue-when dealing with flight, precision is everything-every part of an aircraft requires precision and accuracy to ensure safety and assurance in flight. Let's take a look at the current state of aviation parts manufacturing.


Airplane Parts Manufacturers and the AS9100 Standard

People in the aerospace industry will realize the importance of complying with a certain standard, AS9100. This refers to the internationally recognized aviation standard for quality management systems in aerospace component manufacturing. It is specially modified for aerospace companies and is a set of guidelines for managing, controlling and reviewing processes. You can read AS9100 to understand why it is so important for machining aerospace parts. If you need to comply with AS9100 Rev D, you can find a lot of AS9100 certified part suppliers on our website.


Advantages of CNC Machining Aerospace Parts

When it comes to aerospace component manufacturing, daily air travel, space aviation or defense industry must be considered. Especially when considering spacecraft, life safety and accuracy need to be considered. Usually, airplanes take a long flight, sometimes several years. This means that every component requires the highest accuracy, and there is no room for error. This is where CNC machining comes into play. CNC machining of aerospace parts has paved the way for more accurate and cost-effective results than ever before. Since all parts, components, and structure arrays require different levels of machining, molding and additive manufacturing, automated manufacturing has become more and more popular. For example, the Boeing 747 consists of 6 million individual parts.


Machining Aerospace Parts with 5 Axis CNC

Considering the complexity and variability of aerospace parts, many aerospace parts are configured using 5-axis CNC machine tools. Machine settings allow for complex geometries, and with the continuous development of space travel and aerospace industry, machine settings allow for continuous adaptation and reconfiguration of parts. In short, five-axis CNC machining can better meet the scope and technical requirements of machining aerospace parts, so it can be milled, drilled or manufactured according to the specifications of individual aircraft. In addition, five-axis CNC machining can easily meet the strict high performance requirements of the aerospace industry. Corresponding to it are 3-axis and 4-axis, which will encounter limitations in terms of design and geometry.

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Materials Used by Airplane Parts Manufacturers

Generally, the preferred metals for aerospace component manufacturing are titanium or aluminum, and more and more carbon fiber. One of the main considerations for any aircraft is obviously the weight. The lighter the aircraft, the more fuel-efficient and therefore more cost-effective it is. Of course, in addition to being light, the aircraft also needs to fly safely. Therefore, the high-strength, light-weight metal is best. The popular grade of titanium is Ti6Al4V, sometimes called grade 5 or TC4. At the same time, aluminum is also a kind of light metal with high machinability, so it is suitable for more complex and complex parts. In this case, aluminum is also suitable for various parts and components. The metal that is generally not recommended for aerospace component manufacturing is steel, even though it is very strong and heavy, which means that the fuel efficiency of the aircraft will be reduced and it will be difficult to support in flight. , We can immediately incorporate the supplier into your supply chain. For more information about CNC machining in aerospace, please contact us here.


Choosing the Right Company for Aerospace Component Manufacturing

When looking for a long-term aerospace component manufacturing partner to work with,  to design and provide precision CNC machining of aerospace parts that are critical to your operations, you must ensure that they are reliable suppliers. You need to make sure that they are specialists when it comes to machining aerospace parts and closely related to the same line of work that will complement your company's products. Doing some research before hiring can ensure a long-term and lasting relationship.

This is crucial before relying on any type of design or prototype for business. Therefore, whether it is a specific tool for military combat equipment, a mold or chassis design used to create perfect surgical-grade equipment and tools for medical facilities, or CNC machining of aerospace parts, you need the right company. When you want to ensure the highest quality aerospace component manufacturing, reliable design consistency every time, then the company you are recruiting will have to agree to follow certain requirements and comprehensive criteria before the contract is signed. The products of professional parts suppliers are widely used in a variety of high-precision industrial fields, such as aerospace engines, thermal generators, automobile engines, tool manufacturing, precision casting, stamping and mold industries.

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How to Ensure High-Quality Aerospace Component Manufacturing

In choosing an expert where precision CNC machining of aerospace tools is needed, different companies need to ensure that they choose the most reliable and trustworthy innovative manufacturers, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to produce the necessary components, exquisite Layout and high quality are important for style and service.

According to the type of equipment or tools required, precise CNC machining of aerospace and production lines with the right equipment can produce a variety of products in a shorter time than manual operations. From grinding various tools required for certain designs, to using special molds to produce stable, high-quality parts. In order to produce or reproduce specific products that require 100% accuracy every time, top machining aerospace parts companies will rely on the most advanced technical equipment to complete the task at hand. From standard product design to specialized mold or precision housing applications, no matter what type of metal or brass parts need to be made, these aerospace components can be manufactured and produced rapidly and efficiently. Note, top companies must often use the best tools, models and designs to create the perfect component.


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