All You Need to Know About Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Posted on Dec 22, 2020

Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Cylindrical grinder machine, also called cylindrical grinder or cylindrical grinding machine, is a type of grinding machine that is designed for removing the materials and shaping the outside surface of the products. The process of grinding is also called abrasive cutting, which removes the materials from surfaces by abrasion.

What is a Cylindrical Grinder Machine?

A cylindrical grinder machine, also called a cylindrical grinder or cylindrical grinding machine, is a type of grinding machine that is designed for removing the materials and shaping the outside surface of the products. The process of grinding is also called abrasive cutting, which removes the materials from surfaces by abrasion. In this process, the workpieces are typically mounted with a central axis of rotation. It is versatile for creating a variety of shapes, in addition to a cylinder, it can also form shapes like cam, crankshaft, and ellipse. 

Cylindrical grinder machines can be subdivided into two basic categories, which is the center and the centerless type. There might be multiple grinding wheels for removing the materials, the metal parts are fed into the machines, passing through the wheels to form the unique profiles. They are widely used to produce tubes, bearings, bushings, rods, and many other high-precision parts.

How Does Cylindrical Grinder Machine Work?

● Basic Structure of Cylindrical Grinder Machine:

The cylindrical grinder machine consists of a base with fixtures to guide and support the parts and single or multiple grinding wheels driven by power which rotate at the demanded rate. The grinding head moving around the fixed workpieces, or the parts can be moved for shaping with a stationary grinding head. The grinding rate is not only controlled by the manufacturer but affected significantly by the diameters and qualities of the grinding wheels.

● Control methods:

There are 3 basic methods where the manufacturer can manipulate the cylindrical grinder machine including manual operation, Numerical Control (NC), or utilizing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system. First, two methods are now rare to see today since CNC cylindrical grinder is much more efficient and reliable. 

CNC cylindrical grinder utilized precise programmed instructions from the computer to communicate with the grinding machines. The operator can adjust the commands of desired dimensions and precise measurements for shaping and forming the product profiles. Incorporating with CNC, the cylindrical grinders can provide even more accurate control in the process without the supervision of operators.

● Grinding & Cooling:

Most grinding applications generate considerable amounts of heat. Therefore, it is vital to cool down the parts and also the equipment to prevent overheating and exceed the tolerance. General grinding machines often work with the coolant. However, in most cylindrical grinding machines, which handle high precision grinding, the materials the grinders remove are only approximately 200nm. This means that most cylindrical grinder machines require no coolant, which saves costs and reduce the risks of burning or failure in grinding operations.

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Different Types of Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Cylindrical grinding machines can be divided, but not limited to, four types, which include outside diameter grinders, inside diameter grinders, centerless grinders, and plunge grinders.

● Outside Diameter Grinder:

It is a type of center grinder. As the name implies, outside diameter grinders grinding against the external surface between centers. While the units at the center rotate the products, the grinding wheel is also spined in the same direction when contacting the surfaces. Two surfaces will move in opposite directions, providing a smooth process and less stoppage.

● Inside Diameter Grinder:

In this type of grinder, the grinding wheel is typically smaller than the size of the holes that are handled with. The workpieces are fixed and rotated; the two surfaces rotated in opposite directions when contacting.

● Centerless Cylindrical Grinder:

In centerless cylindrical grinding machines, the parts are positioned at the holding platform between two wheels which are spinning in the same direction but with different speeds. One wheel in this system is known as a grinding wheel while another is called the regulating wheel. The grinding wheel is stationary on a fixed axis, spinning and applying the force downward onto the holding platform. On the other hand, the regulating wheel is the movable wheel that is responsible for applying lateral pressure toward the parts. Regulating wheel generally has a rough abrasive to trap the parts. Centerless cylindrical grinder machines are more suitable for automatic loading applications and provide efficient operations.

● Plunge Cylindrical Grinders:

Plunge Cylindrical Grinder is a type of outside diameter grinders However, the grinding wheel in plunge grinders makes consistent contact with a single point of workpieces.

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