An Introduction to Gear Reducer Manufacturers

Posted on Apr 23, 2021

Gear Reducer Manufacturers

Today, gear reducer manufacturers are committed to providing high-quality gearbox reducers that are durable, quiet, corrosion-resistance, compact, and feature various mounting options to meet the unique requirements in the market.

What Is a Gear Reducer?

A gear reducer is a mechanical gear drive that is widely used for reducing the motor speed where the power is transmitted in various equipment like processing and manufacturing equipment. There are numerous types of speed reducer, and the gear or gearbox type is the most popular form for reliable, simple, quiet and effective operations.

What are the gear reducers used for? The primary functions of these gear reducers are to reduce the input motor speed from the power source and multiply the measure of torques to generate the correct output for the motion control and precise power transmission with the compact and enclosed configuration. The regulation of the speed reduction for the shafts can expand the available work for the machines housing the gear reducer. 

Today, gear reducer manufacturers are committed to providing high-quality gearbox reducers that are durable, quiet, corrosion-resistance, compact, and feature various mounting options to meet the unique requirements in the market. Modern gear reducers are applied in a large variety of machines like MRI machines and medical appliances, food and beverage processing equipment, printing and conveying equipment, welding machines, automation, agriculture, ships, and so on. 

How Does a Gear Reducer Work?

The gear reducer can drive and process the power transmission to duplicate enough torque and regulate the speed reduction for ideal output. The two missions can be completed through the reliable design of various gearboxes, where the output gear features more teeth than the input gears. Therefore, the outer gear tends to rotate much slower and the speed reducer can decrease the rate but increase the torque at the same time. 

The gearbox speed reducers come in either single-stage units or a double-stage structure. The structure of a single-stage reducer including only one pair of gears. The engine shaft drives the small pinion, which is a small gear that drives the larger gear locating on the shaft. Because of the diameter difference of the pinion and the gear, which is twice bigger than the pinion typically, the output rate can be reduced. 

On the other hand, a double-stage gear reducer uses the small pinion, which is attached to the intermediate first reduction gear. The intermediate gear is then connected to another pinion gear that rotates at a slower speed. The second reduction gear located on the shaft is attached to the second pinion in the structure. This double-stage power transmission process is better suitable for higher speed applications than a single stage one, achieving the speed reduction which can be up to a ratio of 20:1.

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Different Types of Gear Reducer

The gearboxes style of speed reducer can be divided into the in-line type and the right-angle type. 

The inline gearboxes generally consist of helical gears, spur gears, harmonic wave generators, or planetary gears. Among the types, planetary gear reducers can provide the highest nominal torque in the compact design. The harmonic wave generators or cycloidal mechanisms type can offer relatively high-speed reduction ratios, either. As for the spur gears and helical gears, they can operate with similar efficiency to other inline gearboxes mentioned here but they are more economical solutions.

Right-angle gearboxes are also widely used today for various applications. Many right-angle gear reducer manufacturers provide enclosed drive speed reducers made of bevel gears or worm gears. When it comes to the bevel gears, the gear type is significantly efficient but has a speed reduction ratio limit, which is about 6:1. Within the limit, the bevel gearboxes are effective and dependable. The worm gear type, on the other hand, consists of the screw form of gear meshing with the worm gear, which is known as the arrangement of the worm screw and the worm wheel. The worm gearboxes are also a popular right-angle speed reducer nowadays since they are the most economical solution for numerous applications. The product has a minimum limit of rate reduction ratio of 5:1.

Gear Reducer Manufacturers

Following are some leading gear reducer manufacturers today:

For starters, DieQua Corporation supplies a wide range of premium gear reducers for better control of power transmission and motion control. DieQua offers a series of right-angle-type gearboxes. The series STD is the spiral bevel gearboxes that feature low backlash and free transmission failure. The series WV provides a bevel gearbox that features a reinforced shaft, the product is suitable for line-shaft drive applications where the full torque is taken off gradually at exact intervals. The gear reducer manufacturer provides the products with a large range of sizes, reduction ratios, shaft configurations, and special options to meet the needs.

Secondly, Cleveland Gear Company has specialized in various quality manufactured gear reducers since 1912. Cleveland Gear Co. provides the S series, the stainless steel reducers, which are ideal choices for food and beverage applications. The product’s cover, housing, and motor flange are fully made of cast stainless steel. Another product supplied by Cleveland Gear, the WG series, is built with a cast iron body and integral worm and input shaft, which ensure long life, precision, and great ratios in a single reduction system.

Zero-Max Co. also provides a series of right-angle style gearbox reducers for processing, manufacturing machines as well as machine drive systems. The gear reducer products are utilized across the industries like packaging, printing and converting, agriculture, automation, and so on. Zero-Max Co. offers a high-quality right-angle gearbox product, Premium Spiral Bevel Gearboxes, which is quiet in operation, compact in configuration, and reliable for economical, effective speed and power transmission applications. The premium product features rigid spiral bevel gears and non-magnetic shafts which are made from stainless steel.

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