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Posted on Dec 8, 2020

Automatic Food Vending Machine

An automatic food vending machine is an automated machine that provides foods such as snacks, beverages, etc. to consumers in association with certain payment methods such as cash, credit cards, or smart payment.

Automatic Food Vending Machine Overview

An automatic food vending machine is an automated machine that provides foods such as snacks, beverages, etc. to consumers in association with certain payment methods such as cash, credit cards, or smart payment.

Today, food vending machines even provide cold foods like sandwiches, donuts, freshly produced juice, etc. It is not uncommon to see a dedicated vending machine especially providing a certain type of cold food these days, such as sandwich vending machines or donut vending machines.

Donut & Sandwich Vending Machines

Donuts and sandwiches are popular cold food on a global basis, especially in western countries like the United States. Although not the most impressive innovation, donut vending machines and sandwich vending machines have actually started to emerge from the cold food vending machine base.

Donut vending machines and sandwich vending machines have been reported to feature a big electronic screen to display the different types of food options, as well as being capable of running advertisement videos, showing current temperatures, and the payment options available. This type of automatic food vending machine also features the “no-drop” dispensing function so that you will accidentally fail to catch your donut or sandwich as it is dispensed.

Also, dispensing donuts or sandwiches with an automatic food vending machine is more than just about exchanging money for food. They have in fact proven useful in terms of expanding brand awareness for certain restaurant brands. By setting up more automatic food vending machines in various locations, a restaurant or food shop could extend the brand into new locations, gaining more exposure through a low-cost method without using major and costly marketing regimes.

By setting up these donut vending machines inside grocery stores, airports or campuses, just imagine how much exposure will be generated that ultimately lead to optimal expansion of brand awareness in such a rapid and effective manner. As more and more will start to recognize you, you will be looking at an increased income with the new business model.

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Other Food Product Options for Automatic Food Vending Machines

In recent years, companies have the tendency of producing the same products, meaning that things could get quite competitive. If you want to prevail in the competition, you’d have to be smart about choosing the product to sell with your automatic food vending machines.

In fact, you’d be surprised how many types of foods, from regular to bizarre, you can find in automatic food vending machines worldwide. Chips, candy bars, and soda pops may be the hallmark of food vending machines but are certainly not the only food products that can be dispensed with the rapid development of technology and innovation. In the next section of this article, we’ll show you just what kind of food products have been incorporated with automatic food vending machines worldwide to help you choose the one option that is the best for your business.


You would be surprised how many Mexican food cravers there are in places like the United States. Seeing an automatic food vending machine that offers various types of pre-prepared burritos is no longer anything new in the United States. Some machines are even capable of customizing the product, allowing you to select the desired ingredients and condiments.

Kosher Food

Places like Boston, U.S. have started to set up automatic food vending machines that dispense hotdogs for baseball fans. Acquiring a hotdog at the stadium during a baseball game is no longer a hassle as you’d normally have to call forth a waiter.

Baby Food

Busy moms may find having to go to a grocery a hassle every time the baby food at home is short in the stock. Therefore, some manufacturers actually make baby-specific automatic food vending machines that dispense baby essentials like baby foods or even diapers and pacifiers.

Fresh Produce

Automatic food vending machines that sell fresh produce like salad and freshly picked fruits have actually become a more popular sensation worldwide. Generally speaking, whatever isn’t sold on the same day, the food is donated to a local homeless shelters to help those in dire need of nutrition.

Fried Food

Although this has not become an emerging trend, places like the Netherlands have implemented automatic food vending machines that dispense fried food. However, it is not to say that fried food vending machines will become popular one day with the substantial amount of fried food lovers worldwide. There is definitely market potential.


Automatic food vending machines that sell eggs have been seen in places like Romania and Japan. In fact, they are actually quite popular. The eggs are kept in individual and robust compartments to avoid cracking the eggs.

French Fries

Although this may belong to the fried foods category, you’d be surprised how many dedicated French fries vending machines are set up in places like Montreal and Australia worldwide.

Live seafood

Sometimes, food just tastes better when you prepare it yourself raw. Automatic food vending machines that allow you to catch live lobsters have been spotted in places like New England and the U.S.; live crab vending machines have also been discovered in China. But this is definitely on the spectrum of extremely rare occasions.

The Takeaway

Automatic food vending machines are by all means a magnificent invention. With the current state of COVID-19, something such as expanding reach in a contactless way is no doubt of valuable quality. Vending machines are unattended, at least in most cases, so there is no human interaction or intervention, and with mobile payments, actual touching of the automatic food vending machine can be minimized.

Moreover, in terms of the business outlook pertaining to automatic food vending machines, it is advised that people go beyond the mainstream of selling typical food products like chips and drinks. Analyzing the emerging consumer preference (even if it seems bizarre) and selecting the corresponding types of food to sell will only achieve extraordinary business results.

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