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Posted on Nov 22, 2019


Many band saw machine users have shared the experience that the band saw machine does not cut straight enough. There are several possibilities. Here, we will discuss the most common reasons for discussion.

This discussion focuses on high-speed band saws, such as band saws that are commonly used to cut insulation and plastic. The blade speed ranges from 3,000 to 8,500 feet per minute without the use of coolant. On the other hand, if a low-speed band saw is used to cut metal, the cooling rate needs to be 100 to 300 feet per minute.

Obstacles for cutting straight

Possible conditions are: dull blade, incorrectly installed blade, wrong orientation, improper blade tension, worn band saw wheel and blade guide misalignment.

Due to these reasons, the sawing process will become difficult, thereby preventing the cutting from proceeding smoothly. If the high speed band saw machine is used to cut metal work pieces at a low speed, the possibility of the above situation will increase. Therefore, let us first understand the metal cutting band saw.

Metal cutting band saw

In the field of metal cutting, there are two types of sawing machines on the market: band sawing machine and circular sawing machine. The circular sawing machine uses a rotating circular tool to perform the sawing process, rather than sawing bands, which leads to the unique processing characteristics of the circular saw machine.

On the other hand, band saw is a power-driven sawing machine with a long and sharp saw blade that consists of a continuous toothed metal belt used in the sawing process.

The power that drive the sawing process

In modern design, today's circular and band sawing are mostly driven by electricity, and in ancient times, sawing force mainly produced by human power, or later may be produced by steam and water.

With the development of technology, the source of sawing power can be coming from electricity or other power sources. In addition to traditional sawing, there is another type of saw called an abrasive saw, which has a powered circular blade designed to cut through metal or ceramic. In the market, the band saw machine is particularly suitable for metalworking and woodworking, of course, it can also be used to cut various other materials and work pieces.

Advantages of band saw

The advantages of band saws include uniform cutting movement due to uniformly distributed tooth loads, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jig saw. The minimum radius of the curve that can be cut is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. Most band saws have two wheels that rotate on the same plane, one of which is powered. In addition, some can distribute three or four loads, so the distribution uniformity of the machine is improved. Compared with precision circular sawing machines, current metal band sawing machines can also cut at a smooth and accurate speed.

The traditional method evolved into a band saw machine, while the abrasive evolved into a circular saw method and corresponding equipment, or formally called a circular saw machine. A common question that is asked regularly: Circular or band sawing? In fact, it should choose based on the characteristics of cutting and work piece. Back to the question we asked at the beginning: why sometimes the band saw machine cannot cut straight lines? The reason may be operator, machinery, or may depend on the work piece material. All these variables need to be comprehensively evaluated by professional band saw experts; users and technicians can set standardized procedures for future sawing tasks.

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