Bandsaw Machine and Productivity

Posted on Jul 12, 2019

Bandsaw Machine and Productivity

In the field of metal processing, a band saw is also called as a bandsaw, which is a powered sawing machine with a long and sharp blade. It consists of a continuous toothed metal belt stretched between the wheels to cut work pieces. Among sawing machines, the bandsaw used for cutting metal materials is called metal bandsaw.

In the field of metal processing, a band saw is also called as bandsaw, which ispowered sawing machine with a long and sharp blade, which consists of a continuous toothed metal belt stretched between the wheels to cut work pieces. Bandsaw machines are specially used in metal processing and wood processing, but it can also be used to cut a variety of other materials. The advantage of the bandsaw machine is its uniform cutting motion, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jig saw.

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Minimal radius

The minimum radius of the curve is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. Most bandsaw machines have two wheels that rotate on the same plane, one of which is powered. In addition, some can distribute three or four loads, so that the distribution uniformity of the machine is improved.


Sawing blade

In terms of sawing, the blades of the bandsaw machine can have various tooth pitches and size ratios, which make the bandsaw machine highly versatile and capable of cutting various materials, such as wood, metal and plastic. Today, almost all bandsaw machines are driven by electric motor. The line shaft metal cutting bandsaw was once common on the market, but it has now been eliminated.



The idea of the bandsaw machine dates back to the 19th century. Around 1809, William Newberry obtained a British patent for the idea. However, bandsaw machines were still impractical at the time, because there were no accurate and durable blades suitable for band saws on the market. Continuous bending of the blades on the hub would cause welding of the material or joint to fail.

After 40 years, a woman Anne Paulin Crepin invented a brand new blade welding technology for metal bandsaw. The French inventor later applied for a patent in 1846, and she sold the right to use the patent to a Parisian manufacturer, A. Perin & Company.


US patents

In 1836, the first band saw patent in the United States was awarded to a man, Benjamin Barker. On the other hand, Paul Prybil designed and launched the first band saw which produced in factory in the United States.

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Replaced hacksaws

For a while in history, power hacksaws with reciprocating blades are very common in the metal processing industry because its practical use can meet customers' sawing needs. With the development of technology, band saws and cold saws have gradually replaced power hacksaws.

Most metal cutting bandsaw machines today are automatically controlled and operated by CNC control systems. Common automatic metal bandsaw has preset feed rate, return, fall, part feeding, and last but not least, part clamping functions. These functions effectively improve production conditions. Under such production conditions, it is impractical to assign one operator to each metal bandsaw.


Automatic sawing module

In fact, one operator can monitor several automatic band saw machines. Automatic metal bandsaw relies on digital control to make cutting faster, more precise, and even perform more complex cutting tasks. Because of these advantages, most modern metal cutting bandsaw machines can be equipped with CNC controllers to adapt to various processing requirements and standards. Automatic bandsaw machine can be automated through PLC or CNC control system. These automatic modules of metal bandsaw are specially designed for mass production lines. In addition, due to relative practicality and reasonable price, NC controlled and manual bandsaw machines are still very popular in some small factories and homes.


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