Boring & Milling Machines Achieve Faster Machining

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Boring & Milling Machines Achieve Faster Machining

The boring and milling machine is a machine tool. The processing uses spinning tools to remove material by advancing the tool into one or more work pieces under the control of a computer numerical control system or manual operation.

About Boring & Milling Machine

As its name tells, the boring and milling machine is a machine tool. It advances the spinning tool into one or more work pieces to remove material. Today, boring mills are usually controlled by CNC systems (CNC boring milling machine), and the accuracy is controlled within a small tolerance range.

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How many axes could it be?

Milling boring methods can be done in different axes and different directions. The number of axes on boring mills depends on the machining requirements. There is no absolute optimal number, only the most suitable solution according to user needs.

Milling and boring functions of boring mills can cover a wide variety of operations and process a wide range of work pieces, from single tiny parts to heavy and large scale milling tasks. Milling boring are the most extensive machining methods that provide precise tolerances. Because the milling method can produce and process work pieces with complex contours, its research and development have received much attention. With the development of milling boring technologies, many new machining methods have emerged, the most popular of which is the machining center.


Machining Center: Great evolution

The machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can handle multiple types of milling boring tasks simultaneously. It evolved from a milling machine. Initially, due to growing demand in the aerospace and automotive industries, machining centers extended from milling machines in the 1960s.

This particular type of machine tool has made good progress in various industrial fields. After that, the machining center has been widely used in various industries and has made extensive contributions to the industry. Milling is the process of moving rotating tools into one or more work pieces to remove material. This processing method can be done in different directions. Milling involves a variety of operations, a wide processing range, and can provide precise tolerances, so it is one of the most commonly used machining methods.

Boring is the process of enlarging existing holes that have been cast or drilled, such as barrels or engine cylinders. The process of boring mills are used to obtain greater hole diameter and can also be used to cut tapered holes with specific specifications. From a machining point of view, boring can be used as a method of the external diameter turning. The boring bar can be supported at both ends or only at one end.

The term "boring mills", “CNC boring milling machine” or "boring and milling machine" can be used to describe various CNC machines. In addition to CNC boring and milling machine, there are other CNC machine tools equipped with some key but sometimes optional accessories, such as power turret, live tools, tool magazine, automatic tool changer, automatic pallet changer, coordinate measuring machine, multi-axis working tables, like cradle type waving A-B axis.


Boring as an attached functionality

The boring process can be performed on general-purpose or universal machine tools, such as milling machines, turning centers, and machining centers. Special boring machines such as jig borers, boring machines, boring and milling machines, boring mills, or CNC boring milling machines can also be used. According to its structure, boring and milling machines can be divided into vertical boring and milling machines and horizontal boring and milling machines.


Vertical and horizontal models

In the milling boring center, the vertical model is an arrangement in which the structure is aligned in the vertical direction. Therefore, the work piece is processed by a tool that moves vertically up and down.

In contrast, the spindle of the horizontal milling boring center is placed horizontally, and the machining process is carried out horizontally. In contrast, in the vertical structure, the weight of the work piece will help it be firmly positioned on the clamp to make a heavier vertical cutting path without worrying about path deviation. In addition, with the help of machine accessories, the production cycle is greatly shortened. The shape of work pieces is not limited to circular, but can also be complex contours, because the machining can be performed in a more efficient way by installing a power turret.

With a design that integrates boring and milling functions, like boring mills and CNC boring milling machine, this kind of machine tools is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries to manufacture many complex work pieces with higher processing standards.

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