Buyer’s Guide to Drill Mill Press

Posted on Dec 12, 2020

Drill Mill Press

A drill mill press is a type of combo machine that embodies the functions of cutting, drilling, and milling.

What Is a Drill Mill Press?

A drill mill press is a type of combo machine that embodies the functions of cutting, drilling, and milling. Although this piece of equipment is often considered neither a good mill nor a good lathe, it does offer some benefits to hold its own ground. For instance, the multi-function nature of the drill mill press can really help users save a lot of money and workspace. And contrary to popular belief, it can in fact be very useful depending on the projects you work on. The right combo machine will permit the cutting of raw materials like metal into the desired shapes without putting any backbreaking effort; an inferior unit, however, will lead to undesirable results even with the best practices. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the factors you should consider when buying one of these combo units as well as how you take care of one.

Purchase Factors for Drill Mill Press

It is not difficult to find a drill mill press in the market. While each offers different features, it could be tricky to select one that is right for you. Do you place emphasis on cheaper units? Or do you value quality and performance over anything else? You need to know exactly what you are looking for. Here are some of the things you should consider as a bottom line when choosing the best drill mill press:

● Combinations: Now since a combo machine can be configured in various combinations, you want to go for the best combination that conforms to your projects while being accountable for your budget. With specific respect to a drill mill press, you want to choose a unit that features superior drilling and milling functions. This entails taking the materials and other related needs into account before buying one. 

● Efficiency: How efficient your drill mill press runs largely affects the performance and quality of your machining process. This is even more apparent when you are cutting hard materials with a spinning blade that is rotating at an immensely high speed. While you may not be able to obtain a definite indicator of efficiency from your vendor, there are ways to validate, such as checking various ratings like the revolutions per minute – it means the number of times the blade spins in a specific time frame. Other things to help you determine the efficiency include voltage usage. To illiterate, do place the utmost emphasis on efficiency because it is associated with how much time and energy your machine may end up wasting. You can save a lot of money by selecting a high-efficiency unit. 

● Comfortability: Comfortability means the extent of comfort you feel when operating the machine. Since you are likely to spend a lot of time on these machines, comfortability is definitely something you shouldn’t overlook as a poorly designed unit can strain your body. While testing the comfortability for a prolonged period of time in-store may not always be an option, there are other ways you can check. You can look into the features that are designed around making the operators more comfortable, such as table mounting or comfy grips, all of which can significantly increase the level of comfort. High-end models even come with an easy loading facility that allows you to safely position your materials on the machine before cutting.  

● Quality of Unit: If you intend to cut hard materials in a large quantity, you certainly want to make sure that your machine is built with the most robust and durable components. Not only will this prevent your unit from getting damaged, but it will also save a lot of time and effort from maintaining it. Worse yet, if your machine cracks or breaks, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money to repair it. So, check what your product is made of before buying because it should be made with materials that are able to withstand the intended work environment.

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Maintaining Your Drill Mill Press

Maintaining your combo machine on a regular basis should always be a part of your production regime. They will not be able to produce high-quality cuts if they are not in optimum condition. Not only should your machine be taken care of properly, but the maintenance of machine tools should also be an ongoing process that requires adjustments every so often.

To start, you should ensure that your combo machine is located in a clean and safe environment so that the unit is not prone to potential damages. This includes keeping the work table as well as the machine itself clear of any unused tools. It has in fact been a bad habit for many to use a milling machine or lathe as a shelf for their tools. It is advised that the tools are put on a separate workbench so that they don’t vibrate off of the machine top.

Another important point to keep in mind is to properly remove any metal chips throughout the machining process. You do not want the small chips to get into the machine or scoring the surface of your machine. This is especially crucial when you are working with dusty materials like wood, plastics, or cast iron because they tend to cling to the lubrication of machinery.

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