Choose the Best Mill Drill for Your Job

Posted on May 6, 2021

Best Mill Drill

Also known as a mill drill combo lathe machine, the mill drill machine is the drill press that is typically belt-driven type, as well as the coordinate ability of the X and Y-axis of the milling table.

What Is a Mill Drill Machine?

A mill drill machine is a combo machine. It is a light and flexible solution for light-duty milling and drilling tasks. Choosing the best mill drill for the required machining jobs can bring numerous benefits due to the room-saving, light construction, and strong flexibility as well as the cost, making the mill drill an ideal alternative to a vertical milling machine.

With a stable, rigid collet, the cutting tools, which are driven by the spindle, are firmly held. This locked collet in the mill drill machine can avoid the problem of the cutters falling out due to the lateral forces in the machining process. 

Similar to a general mill, a mill drill machine rotates a large variety of cutting tools to shape the surfaces of the materials. In addition, the belt-driven drill press is able to enlarge, finish or form the holes in the workpieces to complete tapping, reaming, and more machining jobs. With the best mill drill, the user can drill the customized holes and form unique contours by milling on two linear axes.

Why Do You Need a Mill Drill Machine?

For starters, a mill drill saves space for the machine shop while performing complex machining jobs. The utmost versatility of the mill drill machines makes them economical and demanding options for a wide range of light-duty machining applications. 

● Milling Table:

The milling table on the mill drill machine uses various cutters to shape the metal parts under rotation through the sharp teeth and flutes on the cutting tools. Though the production efficiency and product quality on a normal mill and mill drill cannot be the same, the compact mill drill brings numerous benefits the general mill does not have. 

First, general mills are typically very large and heavy, which takes considerable space, time, and effort to move and install. These large machine tools commonly equipped with advanced servo controllers, making the general milling machine efficient, reliable but expensive. Compared with, a mill drill machine is greatly lighter in weight and cost-efficient for flexible jobs.

● Drill Press:

Drilling is commonly considered secondary jobs for finishing, so adding the capability of completing drilling jobs on a mill drill can critically shorten the production time and enhance efficiency. It is advantageous for high volume production. When it comes to the belt-driven drill press on the mill drill combo machine, it provides the function to form the holes in a vertical direction through the drill bits just like normal drill press machines but has fewer disadvantages with the flexible design. 

The most evident drawback of the normal drill press is that the tool bits cannot press in multiple directions, making tapering tasks more difficult. However, the mill drill combo allows the operations on multiple axes, which accommodates various cutting tools in addition to milling cutters. The structure permits the user, even the beginner, to further enhance the level of precision and product quality of the drilling jobs. 

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Choose the Best Mill Drill for Your Job

To choose the best mill drill to achieve high-performance mill/drill applications in the shop, there are some essential factors to consider:

● Milling/ Drilling Capacity:

The mill drill machine is capable of providing a series of simultaneous machining options to create the customized features with the collet, the spindles,  and also the structure including multiple axes. 

The drilling and milling capacity is one important key that can define if the mill drill machine is really suitable for your jobs. Some mill drill combos have the ideal milling capacity of about 50 cm on the X-axis and also a drilling capacity of up to 2 cm. With the drilling and milling capacity, the mill drill combo machine will be an ideal solution for general machining jobs.

● Motor Power and Variable Speed Range:

Another factor that affects the performance and flexibility of the best mill drill is the horsepower of the motor and the ability of variable speed changing. Some modern mill drill machines can provide more than 10 fixed options of spindle speed. 

Some of the variable speed change systems in the mill drill machine require manual switching, while modern combo machines have automated speed control units. This means that the operator can simply alter the mode depending on the needs. The variable speed mentioned here typically ranges from about 50 RPM to 3000 RPM depending on the design and the horsepower of the machine tools.

● Chips and Durability: 

Last but not least, chips are inevitably created both on the milling and drilling tasks on the mill drill. Therefore, the nature of the metal chips and the durability of the mill drill are all very vital to the user. 

If the chips are formed in long helical form, it usually indicates the material as well as the mill drill is suitable for the tasks. To ensure the product quality, the user should always be aware of the tool wear and the condition of the chips.

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