CNC Mill Turn Lathes Grant Precision Process

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

What is Mill Turn Means?

Mill turn or turn mill refers to the machining procedure using milling and turning. However, to be precise, mill turn is based on lathe machining, and turn mill is based on milling. This key unique feature identifies these two models as different machine types.

Lathe-Based: What is This For

In the field of metalworking, program-controlled lathes are also called CNC lathes. It is a computer-controlled machine tool that can rotate the workpiece in the X-axis rotation direction to perform various machining operations with the saddle movement, such as cutting, drilling, deforming, and turning. On lathe machines, these processes are performed using tools suitable for the workpiece and create objects symmetrical to the spindle. Lathe is driven by the primary spindle, not secondary spindle which is normally at the end of the work piece for two end processing procedure or other multi-tasking duties.

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Lathe Components

Since CNC turning and milling centers are very common processing equipment in modern industry, especially in multi-tasking tasks, this is usually a CNC milling machine. Now milling functions and capabilities have been added to the milling machine framework. It is a milling machine that can conduct programmed (CNC) milling and programmed turning programs, and can even perform turning and milling complex (multitasking). This type of lathe is a complex programmed turning tool that can handle a series of complex cutting tasks and reduce cycle time within a relative cost range.

Tool Magazines Reducing Manual Operation

In order to change the tool faster, the power turret is usually equipped with ATC and tool magazine. Automatic tool changers are also the best-selling products of Taiwan's machine tool accessory suppliers, because they have a higher price-performance ratio than global competitors. In fact, Taiwan's tool magazine and ATC system provide customers with the best tool time tools based on the planned cycle time engineering, and can help manufacturers keep up with customer needs and make their products delivered on time.

What is A Power Turret?

The conventional turret is a fixed-station clamping tool that allows only one axis to move. Today, with the power turret, CNC turning and milling center machines (CNC turning centers) can not only perform turning, but also perform milling and multi-task machining tasks, which previously could only be done on machining centers.

In the assembly plant of turning machinery, many power turrets are driven by a single motor with a servo function, which can ensure the best cutting results and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity to the workpiece, so as to achieve perfect cutting performance on the production line, thereby meeting precise assembly requirements.

Industrial Chain of Lathe Accessories in Taiwan

The lathe is composed of many complex parts. Turning spindles, belts and fixed chucks and corresponding hydraulic cylinders are also well developed in Taiwan. Coupled with the CNC turning center market, there are a bunch of lathe products and accessories that have been widely distributed in different industrial fields and applications around the world. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity for the workpiece and perfect cutting performance for production sites and assembly plants around the world on the production line.

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