CNC Mill Turn Machining Centers Contribute to the Greatest Productivity

Posted on Jan 16, 2020

CNC Mill Turn Machining Centers Contribute to the Greatest Productivity

Is CNC Mill Turn Machining Centers Effective?

Compared with turning centers and milling machines, CNC mill turn machining centers are a mature machining center, which can simultaneously perform milling and turning operations according to the mechanical structure of its design, and can be realized without the need for other systems and auxiliary tools.

To make a long story short, the CNC mill turn machining centers are able to perform the milling and turning processes with the same quality, but in terms of the inherent design of the structural elements. It is more similar to the turning mechanism.


Distinguished Features

Producers sometimes make machining centers just like milling machines and turning machines. Therefore, the classification of machining centers can be roughly divided into two categories: vertical and horizontal, and there are other categories in the list of machining centers. The vertical machining center is the vertical alignment of its structure, and the workpiece is processed by the cutting tools up and down.

In most cases, the spindle of the horizontal machining center is placed horizontally, and the machining is conducted lying flat. On the contrary, when using the vertical design, the weight of the workpiece will help it be firmly positioned on the fixture to make a heavier vertical cutting route without worrying about route deviation.

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Power Turret Cuts Faster

In addition, with the help of the power turret, the cycle time of the entire production line is greatly reduced. The workpieces of the milling and turning centers are usually not circular, but other complex profiles, because the former can be processed in a more efficient manner by a milling and turning machine using a power turret. Now, machining centers and turning centers are equipped with this powerful processing equipment, indicating that the role of live tools plays an important part in modern machining.


Agile Machining

As the world economic growth is not strong, many orders are not in demand. The manufacturer must process a small number of orders. In this case, the high-speed machining center is a popular and highly developed machine that can handle many precision machining tasks at once. The idea drives the invention of CNC mill turn machining centers, and mill turn center saves time for entire machining process.

In terms of its history, at the beginning, the machine center was developed from the traditional milling machine in the middle of the last century. Since then, the development of this particular type of machine tool has made good progress in the industry. The machine tool center has been widely used in various industries and great contributions have been made in various industries.


Same Working Mechanism

The work of the machining center is similar to the milling process. This is a process that uses spinning tools to remove workpiece material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces. This processing method can be done in different directions. In addition to turning, milling also involves a variety of operations, ranging from a single tiny part to heavy and large milling tasks. Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods and provides higher accuracy.


Built-In Spindles

Since high speed is the key to small amount but large variety production, the speed of the spindle determines many issues. The built-in spindle is good at providing high RPM higher than 12,000, which is the key parameter that determines the performance of the machining center.

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