CNC Mill Turn Machining Centers for Complex Profile Machining

Posted on Mar 2, 2020


What is complex profile cutting?
In medical, aerospace, automation, and many other industrial applications, precision components become common and the corresponding components are very complicated with many curves and profile shapes. Accordingly, mill turn is a lathe machine that can conduct milling tasks with the additional components such as the fourth axis, power turrets, live tools, swivel bed, ATC, etc., becomes very useful in this application.

In fact, the thing is as the world industry makes progresses these days, agile manufacturing becomes a must be for every manufacturer in the production lines. Accordingly, CNC turning machines are now be demanded to have some milling talents is not big news anymore.

Useful and reasonable prices

Compared with the multitasking machining centers, the versatile lathe machines are offered at reasonable and affordable prices. Among all the important lathe accessories in the modern industry, power turret is a modernized and customized accessory of many CNC mill turn centers, and as one of the most important accessories to the users of CNC lathes, Taiwanese suppliers aim at this business and have developed many well-known power turret and power tool companies that supports the demands from users of turning process.

What’s more, with the power turret driven by servo motors, a lathe machine, or say, a CNC turning and milling center, can conduct not only turning, but also milling and multi-tasking machining tasks that were only possible on the machining centers in the old days but now it is available on the turning machines.

An introduction to motors

Regarding the power turret and the live tool power sources, many of these power turrets are driven by single motor with servo features, which can assure the best machining effects and save the optimal energy consumption; at the mean time, they can also provide great rigidity onto the work pieces, rendering an ideal cutting capabilities. In modern mechanics, a direct drive motor could be any motor either rotary or linear motor, with the load connected directly to the motor, without any further mechanical transmission elements, i.e. gearboxes, belt, and pulley systems. That is, the motor directly drives the load in the mechanism. Here we talk about two primary categories: rotary and linear.

Torque motors is a kind of rotary motors; sometimes a rotary direct drive motors are also called torque motors due to their ability to emit high torques at low speeds, even when they are stalled. Regarding its design, torque motors are often brushless and are permanent magnet synchronous motors. Their design is usually frameless designs, which means that they don’t include a housing, bearings, or other feedback devices. Furthermore, Pancake motors are an alternative. Within the same category, another type in the group of rotary direct drive motor is the pancake motor. Unlike the torque motors mentioned above, these motors are brushed DC motors in which the armature windings are printed on a set of insulating and non-magnetic materials and objects.


Regarding its composition, the armature set is located between two stator sets that contain permanent magnets arranged with alternating north and south poles. At the same time, the magnetic flux runs along the length of the motor and current runs in a radial direction.

This arrangement leads to the fact that the torque to be made around the motor’s axis. As a result, both pancake motors and torque motors are applied in different industrial fields as the two, though belong to rotary motor category, are with some essential differences, with torque motors are widely applied in tape recorders and work with wheel type winding mechanism well, achieving smooth operation.

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