CNC Mill Turn Makes the Benefit of Turning Tasks

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

CNC Mill Turn Makes the Benefit of Turning Tasks

The CNC mill turn machines can be used as CNC lathes, but they are an advanced version of a conventional CNC lathe. This type of machining program is first performed using the tool applied to the target object (workpiece) on the X axis, and then creates an object symmetrical to the axis, which is driven by the spindle and cylinder mounted in the spindle box with the chuck.

Cutting Machinery vs. Forming Machinery

Milling, turning, drilling, grinding and other similar processes are all based on cutting, which is different from the working basis of forming. For the molding mechanism, as one of the most commonly used presses in the industry, the press is used by many manufacturers to produce various molds and dies, which are mainly used in automobiles, consumer electronics, and household appliances. The size of the press depends on the die to be stamped or the corresponding dimensions of the die.

Generally speaking, if the manufacturer really needs a product whose size is very different from the ordinary product, the size of its spotting machine will be different. Compared with other presses such as try out press and ordinary production press, the mechanical force of the die spotting press is much smaller. Because the primary task of a die spotting machine is to check whether the contact points and surfaces between the lower and upper mold/ die parts are appropriate or not.

Because the die spotting press machines is not responsible for the actual product production, the mechanical differences are not limited to force, but also to many other specifications. For example, many die spotting press machines are equipped with a reverse casting design (mostly 180 degrees), which can be inspected in detail during the process. Whether the mold material is metal, plastics, or other synthetic materials, different variables require different inspection methods. Therefore, the development of trial die spotting presses aims to provide fully mature functions for die/die accuracy spotting. Some die spotting press suppliers also provide an optional wax trail system for users to check the closing accuracy to meet the requirements of the operator.


Horizontal or Vertical milling and turning

Now let us return to the turning point. The classification of CNC lathes is different. There are two main types in this category. These are vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. For the former, the workpiece is fixed vertically, such as by clamping force, so the installation direction of the cutting tool is the same in order to process vertically. The CNC milling lathe, as well as mill turn machines and mill turn centers, can be designed with vertical or horizontal structure. Their arrangements are based on milling and turning, or any other processing requirements.

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Versatile Centers

Therefore, in the field of metalworking, milling and turning machines are also called CNC milling and turning machines, mill turn machines, or mill turn centers. This is a machine that has both CNC milling and turning functions. Mill turn machines, or say mill turn centers, rotate the workpiece through a rotary axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting and turning with the presence of a turret. These kind of machining tasks are handled by a turret tool, which is applied to the workpiece and creates an object symmetrical to the spindle, which is driven by the spindle and assisted by active tools. In addition to these accessories, there are other things that can be used to enhance cutting performance for mill turn centers.

Since all the tools of mill turn centers are prepared for the workpiece, the clamping mechanism of the workpiece is another key point for CNC milling and turning. Compared to the horizontal mill turn centers, the clamping mechanism is stronger and fixed due to gravity, and manufacturers of vertical mill turn centers often turn their mill turn machines into high-quality manufacturing equipment for users in various industries.

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