CNC Tool Holder Carts Delivers Great Mobility of the Cutting Tools around Machines

Posted on Oct 12, 2020

CNC Tool Holder Carts

CNC tool holder cart is a cart carrier that can reserve the cutting tools of the CNC machines such as pressing machine, turning machine, milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine to help those machine tools keep the idling tools.

Those idling tools and dies may be used later for different complicated processing demands. Today, with the automation trend, the CNC tool holder carts usually work with the automatic system and other corresponding instruments and parts within an integrated machine tool CNC system by the connection of human judgment. The whole system normally would involve the controller, cart, cutting unit, holder sets, magazine unit, robots, and some other fixed devises.

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Needs and Progressions

The research and designing of CNC tool holder carts together with the automatic tool transferring system aims to reduce the non productive time which would normally happened when onsite operators were changing or looking for the next appropriate cutting tools for the work pieces in the old days. Those workers, if not so familiar with the cart arrangement, would took a lot of time looking for tools and tool holders placed in front of them without know that the appropriate one is close.

For the lathes working models before the days that this kind of instrument was invented, one traditional machine tool can work with a single tool only. Later, even though the lathe was designed with the addition of turrets or power turrets, the lathe machine may be able to contain a large number of cutting tools, yet the numbers of tools installed on the turrets or power turrets are still limited by the disc unit.

With this regard of limitation, the innovative ideas that connects tool holder carts with the whole processing system was thereby designed to make the whole turning machining smooth without the need of manual operations involved within the tool change process. With this point kept in mind, the planning of the cutting tools, tool holders, spindles, ejection units, grabbing mechanism, etc., shall all be designed with simpler mechanical structure since manual operation and human determination mechanism are ruled out thereafter. The CNC controlled tool holder cart can hence storage those tool holders with different specifications.


Cart Applications to Milling Process

Since milling process demands for the spinning of cutting tools to remove unwanted materials from the processed work pieces, the milling based machines are often installed with the ATC system together with the tool magazines. So the usages of tool carts in milling today are much rare because for the design of the milling machines now, most of them adopt tool magazines rather than fixed racks or movable carts as the primary instrument for the optimal reservation device of all the cutting tools, tool holders, and many other relevant devices.

The use of tool magazines which are connected with the automatic tool changer and the corresponding tooling parts are all under the control of one integrated controller. The controller will coordinate all the resources by the settled CNC programs offered by the milling machine suppliers. With these advantages, the issues of human error can be eliminated to the minimum. If the working station is really enormous there may be still some carts loaded with additional supplies, but this only happens when normal size tool magazines cannot fully satisfy the numbers of tool holders needed for the intended machining requirements.

From milling machines, people developed machining centers, and some machining centers are even designed with automatic pellet changers together with a large compartment of automated mechanical places that can store all the details needed within the manufacturing tasks. Simple CNC system is not enough for this working scale so the automatic storage system has to upgrade.

A larger smart manufacturing system may be deployed into the system to control all the operational status of the machinery units. The intelligent monitoring system can demonstrate the working status of all the parts and details to the human managers, and they may do their scheduled work management based on the information offered by the intelligent ERP system simply by watching the tablets. This kind of manufacturing ERP system sometimes still need traditional CNC tool and tool holder carts and racks as additional accessories, and their existence will also be integrated and managed if it is necessary for the given tasks.


Cart Applications to Turning Process

CNC tool holder carts and racks for CNC turning machines and turning centers are simple if they are compared with the structure of tool magazines. Once controlled under the CNC system within the tool magazines, those tool holders would be coded with specific series of numbers respectively and the CNC system would know that which holder is the optimum for the targeted machining tasks.

For some reason if the CNC tool holder carts and racks for CNC lathe machines are still needed, they are usually used by human operators by pulling them around different lathe machines depending on the machine processing phases. Tool holder carts are just like the wall-mount rack for tool holders as both are made with rows and each rows may contain a certain numbers of holes for the storage of cutting tool holders.

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In the Phase to Grinders

There are many manufacturers of grinders who add the coordinate measuring machine inside their grinders, and this makes the whole grinding process of cylindrical processing and surface processing to be more accurate. The abbreviation of coordinate measuring machine is CMM, and this system is often integrated with the grinding head magazine together.

This type of advanced grinding machines often integrated a large or at least satisfying content of grinding tools so that this would form a fully integrated storage system that can offer the grinding process all kinds of grinding requirements. So the tool holder carts are not always seen here in the grinding cases. But once if it is needed because the demands for wheels are in a large amount, operators may also push or pull those CNC tool holder carts around in the manufacturing plant in order to compensate the lack of tool holders.

The application of CNC grinding tool holder carts are relatively simple if compared with the milling based machineries introduced in the last section, since normally grinding process is put to the later stages within the whole working schedule on the production lines.


Cart Models

There are a large number of inventory of CNC tool holder carts. The designs differ from each other and users could choose their own based on their factory specifications and space arrangements. There are floor model, steps model, ladder model, shelf model, bench model, mini tool holder racks installed, soot model, ultra scoot model, and all these models with additional lockable drawers and peg boards.

Carts can help operators to switch their idling tools once if the ongoing processing does not need such items, so with this flexible unit with mobility placed in house, onsite operators can have greater working flexibility for their grinding tasks.


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