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Posted on Jan 13, 2020


Different from the mill-turn machine, a turn-mill is a CNC machinery that is constructed based on the milling machine structure. To be precise, a turn-mill is fundamentally different from mill turn in several ways that rooted in the structure but not in the phase of functionalities because machine tools nowadays are designed to proceed overlapping tasks under the concept of versatility and agile multitasking.

Its essence: Milling as its basis

In the metalworking industry, a turn mill is actually an essential machining center that can conduct turning process as well but the latter functionality is recognized as an attached function rather than the main feature or the major advantages so this additional feature is not a must-have but rather, like a bonus.

The thing is, a CNC turn mill machine is basically derived from the idea of machining centers. The phrase “ machining center” can be used to describe a wide variety of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) drilling and milling machineries that are accommodated with several critical but sometimes optional accessories equipped together with the machine body itself, such as tool magazine, ATC (automatic tool changer), power tool turret, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), multi-axis working tables, CMM, robotic arms, etc.

Milling phases and directions

Meanwhile, at the same time the classification of machining centers can be roughly divided into two main categories just like lathe machines: vertical and horizontal, and there are still other categories in the machining center inventory. Vertical machining center is the arrangement of its structure that aligns vertically, and the work pieces are machined by cutting tools that go up and down vertically. The vertical arrangement of the processing defines the naming.

As a result, horizontal machining centers have the spindle arranged horizontally and the machining is conducted lying flat for the horizontal tool cutting. With the vertical design, the weight of the work piece would help to make itself sternly located on the clamp for heavy vertical cutting routes programmed by the program.

Cycle time reduction

What’s more, with the help of powered turret, the cycle time is thus shortened in a significant scale, rendering greater productivity for business owners. The work piece machining of machine centers are normally not of round shape but other complicated profiles since the former one can be dealt with by turning machine with power turret in a much more efficient way, achieving the optimum productivity.

Characteristics of turn mill machine

The vertical turn mill machine, and the horizontal turn mill machine. For the former, the work piece is fixed (as by clamping force) vertically and the cutting tool is thus installed the same direction so that the machining is conducted vertically. CNC mill turn machines could be either vertical or horizontal, and the arrangement is based on the machining demands and outcome standards.

Spindle speeds

Regarding the cutting performance, the speed of the spindle is a key parameter that determines the performance of the machining center. For high speed models, the RPM (revolutions per minute) standards differ and there is no such a common range. Meanwhile, manufacturers in the Europe, Japan, and Taiwan have their consensus way of RPM standards, while the regional differences still are important and decisive.

As a result, in the metalworking sector, a turn and mill machine is also known as a CNC turning center; this is a machine tool capable of both turning and milling functions and rotates a work piece on an axis of rotation to perform various, machining operations such as cutting and turning assisted by the existence of the power turrets.

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