CNC VMC Machines...are they right for your workshop?

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

CNC VMC Machines are they right for your workshop?

CNC VMC milling machine is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of a general milling machine. The processing technology of the two is essentially the same and the structure is similar.

A CNC milling machine is a type of CNC machine tool with a strong processing function. The machining center and flexible machining unit, which are currently being rapidly developed, are manufactured on the basis of CNC milling machines and CNC boring machines. Both are inseparable from milling. Because the numerically controlled milling process is the most complicated and the technical problems that need to be solved are the greatest, that's why the research and development of software for numerical control systems and automatic programming languages has always focused on milling processing.


The Basics

The VMC machine uses a CNC control system to generate digital signals to drive the milling machine for precision machining. The structure of the CNC machining center is that the Z axis is the rotation of the tool spindle, the workpiece is shifted in the XY plane, and milling takes place from top to bottom. For a small number or a large number of productions, the CNC machining center can be economically processed, and the advantage is the cost of a disc milling machine. High economy and metal cutting speed, cutting with many blades in a very short time. The main technology projects of CNC machining centers include face milling, surface milling, groove milling, gear and cam milling, as well as the use of molding cutters for making complex contours in one milling, for mechanical production, mold production or tool manufacturing operations. In this respect, it is an indispensable tool for work.

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The difference

Conventional CNC milling machines have only three axes,  while CNC machining centers can be four or five axis designs.

The CNC machining center is a CNC machine tool with an automatic switching device and continuous processing in many processes. It is developed with CNC milling machines. The biggest difference between CNC milling machines is that the CNC machining center has the ability to automatically change machining tools. By installing different tools in the tool magazine, you can automatically replace machine tools in one setting by installing different tools in the magazine. The tool can change the machining tool on the spindle with an automatic tool changer in one setting.


What is meant by VMC Machine?

Unlike horizontal machining centers (HMCs), CNC machines with vertical machining centers have vertically oriented spindles. VMCs are usually table mounted and perform standard machining operations in 2.5 or 3 axes. VMCs are useful for creating parts, dies or molds with precision, accuracy, repeatability and surface finishes.

The term "machining center" almost always describes CNC milling and drilling machines (Computer Numerical Control), which have an automatic tool changer and a table that clamps the workpiece in one place. CNC machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector, it requires the use of computers to control machine tools.


What is the difference between CNC Machines and VMC?

There is no difference between the two machines. VMC is a machine with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controller. As mentioned, the cutting head in this milling machine is vertical and is a special type of milling machine in which the spindle moves in a vertical axis called the "z" axis. They are usually closed and most often used for cutting metal.

●  Vertical machining center with 4th axis

Most VMC machines have three axes, x axis, y axis and. The axis means the number of motors that can be individually driven to control the position of the tool. The X axis is usually left to right, the Y axis is pointing forward, and the Z axis is pointing up and down. In the standard 3-axis VMC, the cutter remains in the vertical direction. We can also add a fourth or even a fifth axis to increase the benefits of VMC. After adding the fourth axis in VMC, the milling cutter can rotate around the x axis, which allows it to drill holes at the front and back of the product. Therefore, VMCs that have an additional rotary axis are 4-axis machines. 



The benefits of machining with a vertical machining center

The main advantage of working with VMC is that gravity works with you. When machining metal on the spindle, pour a stream of water and again - gravity helps to achieve the goal using a vertical machining center.

Horizontal machining centers (HMC) usually come with a 4th axis compared to vertical machining centers, where the 3rd axis is still considered a staple in mechanical workshops. It is also possible to stick a workpiece in the fourth axis, which facilitates changing the palette, as well as adding spindle coolant. There are several machining advantages that offer standard VMC and 4th axis models, such as:

●  The operator access to the machine chamber, allowing easy observation of the machining conditions - which is an option in most HMCs

●  Simpler configuration, management and functionality

●  Commonly used on the market, give this simple worm a

●  More versatile in comparison and offers relatively simple CNC program control

●  The most economically efficient and effective method of processing metal and / or other substances

Also, VMCs are easy to use compared to HMC and easier to configure and manage. The VMC debugger is easier, which is why it is widely used on the market. Vertical machining centers are more versatile compared to horizontal counterparts and has relatively simple CNC control. VMC is the most economical and most effective way of processing metals and other substances.


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