Introduction: Different Advantages Between Band Saws and Circular Saws

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

Different Advantages Between Band Saws and Circular Saws

Unlike the circular sawing machine, the band sawing machine is more suitable for metalworking and woodworking. The horizontal band saw can clamp the work piece, and then the saw blade swings down through the cutting. This cutting mechanism can be used to cut long materials, such as pipes or solid bars, into a certain length in large quantities. Therefore, this is a critical process in metal or wood processing lines.

Differences between band saws and circular counterparts

Circular saws use circular tools to perform sawing procedures, unlike band saw machines that use sawing band. Different cutting tools give the circular saw machine unique processing characteristics. Circular saws are powered saws that use a toothed or abrasive disc set or saw blade to cut different materials through a rotary motion that rotates around an arbor. In similar applications, hole saws and ring saws also use rotary motion, but the working results are different from circular saws. The circular saws can also be used for the saw blade itself.

The circular saw was invented at the end of the 18th century, in response to the development of American agriculture. By the middle of the 19th century, circular sawing machines were widely used in sawmills. Circular saw is a processing tool used to cut many kinds of materials, such as wood, masonry, plastic or metal. The circular saws can be hand-held or mounted on the machine. Versatility is one of the main features of this type of saw.



The term "circular saw" generally refers to handheld and table saws. Chop saws are a common form of circular saw in the woodworking industry. The terms "Skilsaw" and "Stihl saw" have also become common terms for conventional handheld circular saws on the sawing machine market.


Blade features

Circular saw blades can be customized for different work piece materials. In the field of woodworking, custom-made circular saw blades can be used for edge cutting, cross cutting or a combination of the two to best complete the cutting task.


Decisive specifications of band sawing

Back to the band saws, it is worth noting that the curve ratio of the band saw is critical to the cutting performance. The minimum radius of the curve is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve.

Most band saws are designed with two wheels rotating in the same plane, and one of them is powered. In addition, some may distribute three or four loads. When the operator selects the sawing tool according to the type of work piece, the curve scale should be considered. In addition to the curve scale, there are other factors that affect the sawing result.

One of the factors is the bandsaw blades. The bandsaw blades can have various pitches and size scales, which makes the band saw machine more versatile and capable of cutting various materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Today, almost all band saws are driven by electric motors, and line shaft saws were once common on the market.


Inception of band sawing

Inventions of various machineries and technologies usually accompany market demand. The history of band saws can be traced back to the 19th century. William Newberry has obtained a British patent for this idea, but it is limited to concepts. At that time, the technology was not sufficient to produce precise and durable bandsaw blades. Therefore, the band saw machine cannot be used in practice.

About 40 years later, Anne Paulin Crepin developed a welding way to make bandsaw blades. This technological advancement has made electric hacksaws with reciprocating blades popular in the metalworking industry. Later, along with more advanced blade materials and production methods, band saws and cold saws replaced electric hacksaws.


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