Drawing Press Achieves Great Punching Effects

Posted on Dec 19, 2019

Drawing Press Achieves Great Punching Effects

Drawing press is a wide definition of press machines and is also one of the most commonly used press machines in industrial manufacturing. The classification of drawing presses varies but the mechanism focuses on an identical goal.

Deep drawing

Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process conducted by presses. The sheet metal blank is drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of the press. This is a process that preserves material properties but changes shape. If the depth of drawing exceeds the diameter of the sheet metal, the process is regarded as "deep drawing", and the corresponding machine is called deep drawing press.

The process of deep drawing press is achieved by redrawing the part using a series of dies, and due to retaining material properties, the flange area will be subjected to radial drawing stress and tangential compressive stress, which causes the flange to wrinkle. The wrinkle can be prevented by using a blank holder. A blank holder can also control the material flowing into the die radius part.

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Applications of deep drawing press

Deep draw press, or say drawing press, is widely used to produce various industrial items as well as everyday household items, such as cars, sports facilities, consumer electronics, and household appliances.

It is worth noting that the size of the die determines the tonnage of the drawing presses. All unconventional deep drawing presses are designed for the user's specific purpose and can have various modifiers. Compared with try out press and ordinary mechanical press, the hydraulic deep draw press has stronger mechanical force, because the main function of this type of drawing press is to deep draw on the workpiece.


High speed and massive production

Since the drawing press is responsible for the mass production of products, the mechanical strength is not limited to force, but also to many other specifications. Many hydraulic deep drawing presses are equipped with heavy-duty emulsions, phosphates, white lead, and wax films to reduce the huge friction generated during operation.

The drawing press can make a large number of metal materials into products with a specific appearance in a short time. Small scale but diversified production is the trend of the industry, so it becomes very important to achieve agile manufacturing.

Manufacturers of various products may use the same hydraulic drawing press but are used to make different products. Therefore, manufacturers of drawing press or deep drawing press need to provide versatility for their presses, but some custom modifications are also possible. This situation is common in the automotive and electrical industries. Adding computer-aided functions to the drawing press can effectively provide the possibility of customization and avoid processing deviations caused by manual operations.


Precision manufacture

The manufacturer of the hydraulic deep drawing press may use materials with high tensile strength to obtain higher accuracy and cut the workpiece under a larger pressure so that the deep drawing press machine has better parallelism adjustment of the platen. In addition, the modern hydraulic deep draw press is equipped with many safety devices to ensure the safety of the mold and on-site operators.

With more comprehensive protection for machine operators and dies, overall production conditions will be improved, which in turn will bring better results to the manufacturer and their customers. The design of many hydraulic deep drawing press machines has distinctive characteristics, especially in the rigid drawing stage, the punch will cause damage to the periphery of the die, which is called a "pressing joint ".

How to improve the productivity of the drawing press has always been a hot topic. With the invention of the servo motor, the solution is not limited to traditional concepts within the hydraulic field. At present, there are many servo applications that can integrate the motor with modern measurement technology to make the operation of the deep drawing press more accurate and fast. The most important thing is to make the deep drawing press work smart.


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