Heavy-duty Band Saw Overview

Posted on May 25, 2021

Band saws are automated sawing machines. The saw blade is welded into a continuous loop and passes along a pulley system. It is a type of industrial multi-point machining tool that cuts the metal stock in the preparation for other processes.

Working Principle of Band Saws

A band saw is capable of processing the workpiece in both the vertical direction and the horizontal direction. It holds the workpiece in a stationary state while the saw blade moves and cuts. The saw blade is long and flexible and equipped within the system of the band saw. It travels continuously along with several pulleys or drives. This is the working principle of a regular band saw.

Two Primary Band Saw Types

People categorize band saws into two by means of the orientation of the cut: the vertical band saws and the horizontal ones. Vertical band saws are the most common band saw type. They are often used for cut-off, contouring, and slotting and ideal for processing thin and small materials. The workpiece is placed on a fixed table (or a power table) while the vertical band saw works. On the other hand, horizontal band saws are designed as a substitute for the hacksaws. They are an alternative for the cut-off operations, which gives them the other name called the cut-off saws.

Common Uses of Band Saws

There are several applications that require band saws. For example, people use band saws in the residential and light industries. Most operators prepare at least one band saw (light-duty or medium models) in the shop so that they can cut materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Some band saws are also used for heavy-duty metal cutting. The band saws for industrial metal-cutting works are available in both vertical and horizontal designs.

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Band Saws for Heavy-duty Metalworking

Heavy-duty band saws are usually used in the pre-process stations to cut metal stocks. Unlike the regular band saws that only cut thin sheet metals, the heavy-duty band saws are capable of cutting metal stocks that have a thickness of up to 5 inches.

Features of Heavy-duty Band Saws

There are currently different models of heavy-duty band saws. Each of them has its own characteristics. Some heavy-duty band saws are equipped with linear guides to attain better saw-bow movement. Some feature a motor inverter to control the blade speed and feed rate (which are shown in a digital readout). Accessories such as the vise clamping pressure regulator and the laser position guideline are also seen on some heavy-duty band saws to aid the works. 

In general, heavy-duty band saws have a large capacity along with extremely powerful strength. Cutting results can be further enhanced with the use of a wider and thicker blade.

Steel Band Saw for General-purpose Metalworking

Steel band saws are also specialized in cutting metals. They are constructed more robustly. The tension of the blade is very tight. This type of metalworking saw runs slower.

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