How to Take Centerless Grinder Machine to the Next Level

Posted on Sep 24, 2020

Centerless Grinder Machine

When parts need to be machined in the shortest possible time, a centerless grinder machine is usually the best choice. As you can imagine, the operators of these machines must be very vigilant, especially when placing the workpiece before starting the operation. This is because the workpiece is not fixed by the spindle or fixture, but by two grinding wheels.

The centerless grinding machine is used to remove material from the outer diameter of the workpiece without relying on the support center. It is an indispensable tool in various industries. Everyone from the automotive industry to the medical industry benefits from this precision grinder. If you want to know how to improve the efficiency and productivity of a centerless grinder machine, you have come to the right place. This is exactly what this article is going to talk about.

How to Maintain a Centerless Grinder Machine?

Routine maintenance helps a lot. This is true for almost every machine. For centerless grinding machines, this includes tasks such as replacing filters, cleaning chips before they harden, and simply checking the condition of various components. Nothing can stop production like a broken part; not only does it take time to discover the problem and replace the part, but you may also need to restart work. Do not waste time and resources, but incorporate these routine maintenance tasks into the work plan to ensure the smooth progress of the process.

Centerless Grinding Machine Automation

One way to increase the output of a centerless grinder machine is to automate certain functions. The automatic application reduces the burden on operators; the increase in automation can even help them operate more machines, which will undoubtedly help them achieve higher output goals. Especially in the manufacturing field, it can be a demanding challenge to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies. Although there is no inherent error in sticking to the tried-and-tested process, you may need to reconsider your position when doing unintentional grinding. The following are some small technical changes that can increase the uptime of a centerless grinder and increase its output. Ultimately, the centerless grinder machine operation will become better.

Applying Auxiliary Components to the Centerless Grinder

Add an automatic balancer to the grinding wheel of the centerless grinder. This upgrade can be economically retrofitted in your workshop. Reducing warping can extend the life of the grinding wheel, thereby extending the grinding time. Add a loading and unloading conveyor with a variable feed drive to the straight-through feed shredder. You will benefit from stable loads while being able to easily adapt to multiple feed speeds. Together with the conveyor, add a bowl feeder or hopper feeder. Your operators will have more time for quality inspections and will most likely run more than one machine.

How does CNC Optimize the Grinding Process?

Go all out on CNC with your centerless grinding operations. Your operator will no longer need to trim the wheel, and the CNC can easily and accurately perform feed compensation-both minimize the possibility of errors. In addition, easy-to-adjust RPM speed and adjustable feed can maximize part quality and wheel life. If you have a modern CNC centerless grinder machine, please add robots or gantry loaders for feed applications. Today's robots are easy to program, accurate, and uninterrupted. The CNC controller coordinates the movement of the robot with the operation of the machine to maintain a safe working environment and a consistent process.

Robots have many benefits, including improved part quality and increased output. The robot also frees up time for operators to perform other tasks. For a complete CNC machine tool and automation equipment, the next logical step is to add automatic measurement for your centerless grinder machine. With contact measurement, the part almost always stops at a specific position on the exit conveyor. The gauge is closed on the diameter, the measurement is performed, the gauge is opened, and the party continues down the conveyor belt. For non-contact measurements, such as laser measurement, the part usually does not stop, and the measurement is performed while scanning by the opposite laser.

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Centerless Grinder Machine Operations Tips

Precise Alignment and Positioning of the Adjustment Wheel

When aligning the adjusting wheel, make sure that the diamond dressing tip is the same as the contact line between the adjusting wheel of your centerless grinder and the workpiece.

When performing this operation, you should consider the required adjusting wheel angle, the center of the workpiece related to the adjusting wheel and the super abrasive wheel, the rotation angle of the adjusting wheel, and the RPM of the adjusting wheel should be the highest to ensure a smooth surface finish of your centerless grinding jobs.

Precise Alignment and Positioning of Super Grinding Wheels

This is a very delicate process because it ensures that the entire surface of the super wheel is in use.

Position the Center of the Workpiece

For efficient processing, the center of the workpiece should be located above the center of the two grinding wheels of your centerless grinder machine. However, the position should not be too high, because this may cause the workpiece to shake. In addition, it cannot be too low, because it may cause the workpiece to be out of round.

Set the Work Frame to a Right Angle

This is important because it reduces the pressure on the grinding wheel, which may cause chattering. The angle of the working blade depends on the width of the super wheel. For example, for an eight-inch wheel, the best working rest blade angle is 25 degrees. Contrary to what you might think, wider wheels have a smaller angle, and narrower wheels have a larger angle.

Coolant Application

You should always ensure that you first select the correct coolant for the workpiece material to be processed with your centerless grinder machine. Coolant should be applied at the contact point of the wheel and the workpiece to ensure that temperature does not build up. The high temperature will change the metallurgical properties of the workpiece and might affect the strength.

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