Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Posted on Aug 13, 2019

Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal wire net is also called chicken wire mesh or poultry nets in agriculture because many of them are used on farms to limit the living area of poultry.

Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal wire net is also called chicken wire mesh or poultry nets in agriculture because many of them are used on farms to limit the living area of poultry.

The hexagonal wire mesh is made of small, soft galvanized steel wire with hexagonal gaps. Available sizes are 1 inch, 2 inches and half an inch in diameter. In addition, chicken wire mesh ranging from 19 to 22 gauges is usually available.

This wire mesh is usually used to build pens because it is reasonably priced for managing small animals. Although the fineness and zinc content of galvanized wire may not be suitable for animals that bite, and because the strength of the wire mesh is not strong enough, they cannot be protected from other predators.


History and chronicle development

Chicken wire mesh appeared in England in the 19th century, when a professional ironmonger invented it based on the concept of a cloth weaving machine. Later, when this person established a company, the application of this innovative product has been widely used, even covering the military industry during the Second World War. In the military industry, Wire mesh manufacturing methods is used to make large wire mats for radar systems because it can randomize reflections on uneven ground.

On the other hand, in the field of machine tools, wire mesh is used as a safety guard. In the construction industry, hexagonal wire mesh is used in buildings to block or attenuate WIFI signals, cellular signals, and other harmful radio frequency transmissions, because the hexagonal nature will create a Faraday cage.

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Comparison with expanded metal wire meshes

In the development of fences, metal mesh was also used in the later period. Considering its metal properties, expanded metal is stronger than an equivalent weight wire mesh. Compared with wire mesh, the material of expanded metal is flat and can keep the metal in one body, which greatly improves the rigidity. Another benefit of expanded metal is that the metal will never be completely cut and reconnected, so its strength can be maintained.

In the metalworking industry, expanded metal is a sheet material that is first cut and stretched to form metal meshes of various shapes. It is widely used in professional fences and grates, as well as metallic lath.

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Taiwan’s metal netting industry

Taiwan has many excellent suppliers of hexagonal wire mesh machine and expanded metal machine, and they provide first-class quality products to users around the world at reasonable prices. Most importantly, they also provide stable netting machine performance and services for making hexagonal wire mesh. Jun-En is a supplier who offers expanded metal machine and hexagonal wire netting machine. Buyers can choose one of them to meet their needs and industrial requirements.


Jun-En Enterprise as the leading brand in Taiwan

Jun En corporate headquarters is located in southern Taiwan. It is a perfect example of a successful metalworking machinery supplier and an expanded metal product manufacturer. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of metal wire mesh and netting machine for making hexagonal wire mesh in Taiwan and has been in the metal mesh industry for more than 30 years. In the past 30 years, the company has been serving customers in various industries. These customers come from international and domestic markets, and the Jun-En team has accumulated rich service experience.


Inclusive supply chain

The company has its own netting machine factory and additional 6 factories for metal mesh products such as hexagonal wire mesh. These metal mesh products include expanded metal, perforated metal, metal conveyor belt, chain link fence, barbed wire, concertina razor barbed tape, welded mesh, hexagonal wire netting, gabion mesh, rib lath, woven wire cloth, filtration screen, battery mesh, angle bead, plaster bead, brick reinforcing mesh, etc.


Complete capacity of machinery

JEC hexagonal wire netting machine enables continuous production of hexagonal wire meshes in a high speed. The complete production ling included the pay-off, main machine and recoiling device with outstanding accuracy and productivity. Besides the hexagonal wire netting machine, JEC Expanded Metal Machine series is able to satisfy different production requirements by offering high quality and customized machines according to customers’ needs.

It can be classified into 61 series, 75 series, 100 series, 125 series, 160 series, 250 series and 310 series according to working width. After determining the material thickness, choose L, H, HB or HH type according to the work requirements. JEC machines are equipped with servo drives, PLC and HMI control systems provide a better and more convenient interface for machine operators.


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