High Speed Press Doubles the Productivity

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

High Speed Press Doubles the Productivity

Since the press was used, the pressing speed has been a factor of productivity. The pressing method and cycle time of the press are the main issues. On the other hand, with the invention of the servo motor, high-speed pressing now becomes very safe, thus providing an ideal working environment.

Speed Ranges

If we want to speed up the production cycle time of the press, the size of the die is an important variable, and different products need to use different sizes of dies, and the tonnage of die spotting press. Compared with the try-out press and mechanical press, the mechanical force of the servo press will be very stable and can work for a long time, so most high-speed presses use servo motors.


Procedures before High-speed Pressing

In the field of metal forming, pressing by a high-speed press machine requires high precision, and high precision needs to be achieved through an ideal press. Therefore, die spotting plays a very important role in the metal forming production line.

The die spotting press is not used for production, so powerful mechanical force is not its most important function. Many die spotting presses are equipped with a reverse casting design that allows detailed inspection of the dies during the process. The die material may be metal, plastic, or other synthetic materials, and different material characteristics require different types of inspection and testing methods. After an inspection on die spotting press, further calibration is also critical.


Further calibration

For subsequent accurate calibration, the try-out die spotting press provides a very mature die spotting accuracy detection capability, such as a wax trail system, for the operator to check the closing accuracy. Today, some manufacturers may add CMM equipment to the die spotting press, while some may still rely on experienced operators to manually calibrate.


Other Accessories

Users of die spotting press may require suppliers to use high tension rods to enable the press to achieve higher accuracy. And by adjusting the die or rod, the die spotting process has better platen parallelism, thereby making it closed under great pressure.

In addition, the modern die spotting press is also equipped with many safety devices, such as pneumatic mechanical locks for the upper table, four-mold clamping cylinders for stability, anti-dropping devices with suspension type to ensure safety of trial molds and dies. In the past, occupational safety issues often occurred during the die spotting process. The safety of machinery dies, and operators are equally important. Therefore, the protection device on the press is becoming more and more appropriate, which may bring better product quality to press users in different environments. This is also the focus of the intelligent manufacturing concept in the 21st century.


Design of High-speed Presses

High-speed machines usually have clear characteristics in terms of activation and durability, because the punches will cause damage to the peripheral side of the die. Unlike the die platen, the mold platen has less accurate guiding. Even if it is a servo high-speed press machine designed for both mold and die spotting, once it is applied to heavy equipment, its modification, and related settings will be limited by the conditions of mold spotting. Experienced machine operators will know how to tilt castings and make appropriate machine settings.



The critical difference between a deep drawing press and a high-speed press machine is further calibration. Generally, die spotting is a frontier step of deep drawing and high-speed pressing. Hydraulic deep drawing press is one of the most commonly used presses in homes and industries today. Manufacturers use deep drawing presses for manufacturing furniture, sports facilities, consumer electronics, and household appliances, while high-speed presses have a wider range of applications.

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