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Posted on Dec 23, 2019


Since the press machine was utilized in the ancient time in the history, the speed of pressing has been focused as an issue concerning productivity for many years across cultures. The way how it works and the calculation of cycle time are two main issues of the pressing machine. Currently, with the invention of the servo motors, now high speed pressing become possible and much safe in the industry, rendering ideal working environment.

Speed ranges

Generally speaking, if manufacturers do require a productive cycle time on the pressing machines, then the plate (or say, die) size is a significant issue that is largely different from their ordinary products, and the scale of their die spotting machines would be different. If compared with other press machines such as try out press and ordinary production press, the mechanical force of a servo press would be much stable and enduring towards long-term working circumstances, so that most high speed models utilize servo motors.

Procedures before high speed pressing

In the field of press forming metalworking sector, high speed works require high precision and absolute accuracy, and which must be achieved based on a fundamental basis: An ideal setting of the pressing condition. As a result, die spotting is very important and play a role in the procedure in this subject.

Since die spotting press machines are not responsible for real production of goods, the mechanical differences are not only confined to the forces but also to many other specifications. For instance, many die spotting press machines are equipped with invert cast design that enables detail inspection in the process. Whether if the die or mold materials are of metal, plastics, or other synthetic materials, different variables require different kind of methods of inspection and testing. After the testing, the further calibration is also crucial.

Further calibration

For the following calibration after the first time die spot, the development for trial die spotting press machines aims to offer completely full-fledged capability for die/ mold accuracy spotting. Some die spotting press suppliers also offer optional wax trail system for users to inspect closing accuracy in order to meet the operators’ requirements and rigorous demands for their processing procedure. Some manufacturers nowadays may exploit the CMM equipment during this procedure, while some may simply rely on manual calibration, but the latter would not yield to results that are inferior to the CMM technology since experienced press operators can compensate this part.

Other accessories

Users of die spotting press machines may ask suppliers to use high tensile rods to achieve higher precision, and make the die spot procedure with better platen parallelism, with the adjustment on either the die or the rod, making it closed under great pressure.

In addition to it, modern die spotting machines are installed with many safety devices, such as pneumatic mechanical locks for the upper table, four-mold clamping cylinders for stability, anti-dropping devices with suspension type to ensure the safety of trial molds and dies as in the past, many occupational issues occurs during the die spotting procedure. The protection of machinery, die, and molds are as important as the protection of workers. More protection procedures for both onsite operators and molds and dies, the manufacturing of molds and dies are thus under better condition and circumstances, promising preferable results and output quality to suppliers and customers with different environments. This is also a focus in the 21st century regarding the idea of smart manufacture.

Design of high speed press

High speed machines are designed with some precision characteristics especially on the activation and enduring features, because it is necessary that the punches that cause cutting of one end hurt the peripheral side of the die parts. On the contrary, mold platens are not like die platens, so molds are with less accurate in guiding, while the columns on the injection machines are exploited for these purposes and goals. For this purpose, even a servo high speed press machine is designed for both mold and die spotting usages, once if it is applied to heavy duty, the modification and relevant settings would be much different to the condition that it is applied to mold spotting. Experienced onsite workers would know how to tilt the cast and make the setting suitable for the specifications.


Compared to deep drawing press machine, when people are talking about high speed pressing the further calibration is the critical difference between the two. Since normally die spotting is a frontier step of deep drawing and high speed pressing, and essentially, hydraulic deep drawing press is one of the most commonly used press machines in the household industry nowadays, it is used by any manufacturers in the manufacturing of a variety of common objects but not for industrial objects. Regarding the industrial applications, many deep drawing press machines are confined to furniture, sports, consumer electronics, and household appliances while high speed press are given a wider application field.

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