High Speed Spindles with Great Torque Force

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

High Speed Spindles

Like complementary distribution, if we talk about spindle technology, then high speed is a function that cannot happen simultaneously with high torque. Most high-speed spindles are precision spindles, designed and used in machining centers. In the field of machine tools, there are a variety of spindle designs that are specifically for high-speed usage.

In the application of mechanics theory, the high-speed spindle is the rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its center. The shaft itself is called the spindle, but on the market, the term is usually used to refer to the entire rotating unit, including not only the shaft itself but also the shaft and any bearings on it. In fact, a variety of high-speed spindle can be installed on the machining center. Here are some popular models:


Motorized version of High Speed Spindle

The motorized spindle can also be called an electric spindle, which can easily achieve high speed and can achieve a balance between adjusting and reducing vibration in G1. Because it can be easily modularized, machining center manufacturers can more easily set up manufacturing models, and on-site operators can perform many modular processes based on blueprints. Most electric spindles are noiseless and have high thermal stability. Despite the small size of the high-speed spindle, its power is very high and can be used for installation in small spaces. Therefore, it is also called a high-speed built-in spindle because it can usually be installed in relatively small spindle housing on a machining center. According to market demand, the design of the electric high-speed spindle has high dynamic rotation accuracy. Therefore, it can ensure that the manufacturer can accurately cut and boring the machining center installed on the electric spindle product. In addition to this, the motorized spindle is also called an electric spindle because it is attached and depends on a power source. Generally, the built-in high-speed spindle is the most widely used spindle model in machining centers in the industrial field.


Direct Drive Mechanism: High Torque

When it comes to high torque, direct drive is a standard type of spindle, which can definitely achieve high or even higher torque during the machining process. At the same time, the direct drive is one of the oldest versions of the spindle and has a simple structure. With a simple structure and rapid mechanical manufacturing, the direct-drive spindle can be installed on heavy-duty machining centers, such as double-column models. Because of its high precision, low vibration, the same interface, and easy replacement, the maintenance of the machining center is very convenient. The direct drive model of the spindle has lower manufacturing costs and manufacturing costs (or assembly costs). Although the direct drive spindle can easily reach the high-speed level, achieve high-speed operation in a short time, and has good dynamic performance, this is not the main advantage compared to the built-in spindle.


Belt Drive Mechanism

Belt drive is considered to be the most famous and oldest spindle structure in the industry. Nowadays, there are higher requirements on the radial and axle machining capabilities. Machines with higher rigidity and higher dynamic rotation accuracy and belt-driven spindles are the optimum options in this regard. Many belt drive spindles can be subtly modified and adjusted due to their high repair function, so they can be used in multi-task machining centers. However, because of the belt problem, this spindle structure will not produce too fast performance and excessive torque. Since the belt is only placed on the gear in the gearbox and the connection between the two, the belt is heavily cut on the belt. It may decline not to be strict and firm enough to achieve such a powerful force.

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High Speed Spindles for Grinding Machines

In addition to cutting machines such as lathes and milling machines, in the field of grinding machines, spindles with high speed will be more expensive to manufacture and can only be repaired by professional experts. However, it includes high-speed drives from 12,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM, which makes manufacturers who pursue compact manufacturing not ignore this type of high-speed spindle.


Gear Spindles and Torques

At the same time, the gear spindle is designed to have stable mechanical functions. Because of its relatively simple composition, it can achieve high-efficiency cutting. If other types of spindles are used for cutting, the cutting efficiency will be greatly improved. On the other hand, a machine tool may have multiple spindles instead of just one spindle, such as a spindle box and tailstock spindle on a table lathe (turning center). In this concept, the spindle is usually the largest spindle among all other spindle projects in the machine. When industry insiders provide the spindle reference without further verbal identification, the spindle will be implied. Some machine tools dedicated to mass production have 3, 5, or more spindles on the machine tool. Due to the installation and maintenance of the spindle, these machine models are called multi-spindle machines.

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