Horizontal Band Sawing Machine and Fast Cutting

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

A horizontal band saw is a modern band sawing machine that has the workpiece clamped while the sawing blade swings down through the cutting. The automatic band saw machine can realize the automation through PLC or CNC control system.

What Is Horizontal Band Sawing?

In the metalworking industry today, a horizontal band saw is a modern band sawing machine that has the workpiece clamped while the sawing blade swings down through the cutting. This design configuration is used to cut long materials such as tubes or solid bar stock to length. 

Accordingly, it is a crucial procedure of the equipment in most machine shops. Meanwhile, the horizontal design is not a handful for cutting certain profiles such as curves or other complicated shapes. Because small horizontal band saw typically utilize gravity feed only. For industrial models, the rate of the descent is usually decided by a hydraulic cylinder that bleeds via an adjustable valve.

How Does a Horizontal Band Saw Form?

Both woodworking and metalworking operators know that harmful chips are generated during the cutting process. Therefore, metal cutting band saw machines are usually equipped with brushes or brush wheels to prevent chips from getting caught between the saw teeth.

In order to cool the saw blade, the band saw machine must be equipped with a cutting fluid circuit system because the coolant can wash away the chips while keeping the saw blade cool and well lubricated. The automatic band saw machine can realize the automation through PLC or CNC control system. These automated control systems are specifically designed for mass production lines in manufacturing plants worldwide.

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How Does a Horizontal Bans Saw Form?

Band saws have various feeding and loading mechanisms, and their utilization depends largely on the production line itself. Compared with hydraulic feed, gravity feed is more cost-effective. Most band saw machines are designed to allow adjustment of cutting forces, such as movable counterbalancing weight, coil springs, hydraulic or pneumatic dampers (speed control valves).

The hydraulic feeding band saw is stable and efficient. It uses positive pressure hydraulic pistons to advance the saw at variable pressure and rates. In terms of feed, automatic band saws usually have preset feed speed, return, drop, part feed, and clamping functions. These features are conducive to improving production efficiency. Under such production conditions, it is impractical to assign one on-site machine operator for each band saw machine.

In fact, one operator can efficiently feed and unload several automatic band saws. Some automatic band saw machines rely on digital control to make cutting faster and more precise, and even perform more complex bevel cutting.

When it comes to applications, band saws are particularly suitable for metal processing and wood processing, but can also be used to cut a variety of other materials. In addition to the horizontal and vertical categories, there are two main types of sawing machines in the industrial market: band sawing machines and circular sawing machines. 

Unlike the band saw that we have introduced for a while, circular sawing machines use circular tools for sawing instead of sawing bands, so, circular sawing machines have unique processing characteristics. The band saw is a power sawing machine, with a long and sharp blade. The blade is composed of a continuous toothed metal belt stretched between the wheels, and the target material is cut by continuous sawing motion.

Horizontal Band Saw vs. Circular Saw

A common question that is asked regularly: band sawing or circular sawing? Unlike band saws, circular saws use circular tools for the sawing process, which gives them unique processing characteristics. A circular saw is a power saw that uses toothed or abrasive disc sets or saw blades to cut different materials through a rotary motion that rotates around an arbor. In similar models, hole saw and ring saw also use rotary motion, but are different from circular saws.

On the other hand, the advantage of the band saw machine is the uniformity of the sawing movement due to the uniformly distributed tooth load, and the ability to saw irregular or curved shapes. The minimum radius of the curve that can be cut is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. In addition, the speed of is determined by other factors, ranging from 0.20 meters to 25 meters per second. 

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