How Can a Chip Vending Machine Provide Hot and Fresh Chips?

Posted on Dec 9, 2020

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What is a chip vending machine? 

A chip vending machine is a device that provides fully automatic services for selling French fries to the customers within only a few minutes. Unlike the snack vending machine, which provides packed cold cookies for the customers, the chip vending machine works as a similar function but offers fresh and hot French fries just like what the fast food restaurants sell.

The chip vending machine was invented in around 1982 in Australia, and the scale of the business has been gradually expanded over the years, as there are more and more people who pursue faster pace and greater convenience of lives, and so do the consumption patterns.

There are various kinds of vending machines that sell a variety of products, such as snacks, beverages, and even daily supplies. These machines are usually set in the places where stores or restaurants are less available, in order to provide what the customers may require for them.

As years went by, the customers were getting used to these machines, and for the customers, the vending machines were not as impressive as before. This results in the reduction of the business opportunity for the vending machines.

According to the consumption patterns of the customer nowadays, the vending machines should not only be the faster, the better, but also provide the optimal quality and experience of having the products that they sell. 

This leads to the appearance of the advanced vending machine that sells fresh and hot food, including the automatic barista, soup vending machine, and chip vending machine. These products own one similarity, which is that the food they serve for the customers are just like what the restaurants sell.

In other words, the chip vending machine, as well as other newly invented food vending machines, increase the quality of the food they provide, and offer greater convenience for the customers at the same time, which are what the restaurants or other coffee shops are not capable of doing so.

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How does a chip vending machine form?

As the other food vending machine, a chip vending machine consists of the exterior housing with insert slots for coins or bills, a chamber for offering cooked French fries and sauce box for the customers to take.

On the interior of the chip vending machine, it can be divided into three parts. The top and first part is the freezer that stores the sliced potatoes, the middle part is the fryer that acts as the cooking section, and the bottom part is the chamber where the hot and fresh French fries would be sent to the customers.

For some models of the chip vending machines, they even provide an interface beside the insert slots of the coins and bills on the front door, which is used to detect and accept different ways of payment such as credit cards.

How does a chip vending machine work?

To operate a chip vending machine, there isn’t any requirement of manual forces except for the replacing of ingredients and oil and the cleaning process after the machine has worked for a period of time.

In general, the initiation of the chip vending machine is from the insertion of payment from the customer. When the sufficient amount of the payment is counted by the chip vending machine, the freezer would receive the message and dispense a fixed amount of sliced potatoes to the chamber of the fryer.

After the proper amount of sliced potatoes are delivered into the fryer, the fryer with rice oil, beef fat, or other plant oil would be heated and start to fry the sliced potatoes. Once the sliced potatoes are well-cooked, the hot and fresh French fries would be distributed to a cup or box that is in the bottom chamber, and the customer can have their stomach be filled with fresh French fries within minutes.

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Chip vending machines vs. fast food restaurants

Now that you know that the chip vending machines are able to provide the fresh French fries as what we can obtain in the fast food restaurants, but have you ever thought of the differences between them? How do you know which one should you choose over the other?

Actually, we can find the answers by comparing the different features that the chip vending machines and fast food restaurants have respectively, and understand which one is what you prefer more.

● the requirement of clerks or cooks

The features can present the most obvious variation between the chip vending machines and the fast food restaurants. Since the fast food restaurants, like other general restaurants, would employ the several clerks for taking the orders of the food or maintain the cleanness of the environments, and cooks for making the dishes.

In contrast, there is no clerk or cook standing in front of or behind the chip vending machine when the machine has been arranged and well prepared. In other words, the customers order and receive the French fries by themselves, with the machine fries the chip automatically.

● the efficiency of cooking process

Considering only the cooling process, the efficiency of the chip vending machines and the fast food restaurants are equally matched to each other. 

As the above introduction has mentioned, the entire process that the chip vending machines cook and provide the French fries to the customers last only a few minutes, so the efficiency of these machines cannot be emphasized more.

As for the fast food restaurants, the efficiency of the cooking process of them is high as well, since the cooks would be asked to follow the standard operating procedures, which usually refer to the abbreviation of the SOP. 

With the standard operating procedures, the orders and the time of the cooking process are regulated, which control the quality of the products and the efficiency at the same time.

● the standardization of the products

In this feature, the chip vending machines and the fast food restaurants can be regarded as the same level as well. With the standard operating procedures, the product, which is the food that the restaurants provide, would follow the standard accordingly.

Despite the fact that the chip vending machines seem to be the simpler version of the fast food restaurants, the quality of the ingredients that are picked up and the final products that are presented from the chip vending machines are reinforced as well.

From the sizes of the sliced potatoes and the oil that is applied to fry the chips, the chip vending machines would also provide the best for the customers, which makes these machines so popular in many countries now.

● the dining environment

In the fast food restaurants, they offer comfortable dining environments for the customers to have their meals right after they receive their orders. Whereas, there is no general dining environment, which contains tables and chairs, that is offered to the customers. 

Therefore, if the customers are picky about the dining environments but want to have French fries right away, the fast food restaurants would be a better choice for them. 

However, those who purchase hot and fresh chips from the chip vending machines are usually on the go, so they tend not to be picky to the dining environments accordingly.

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