How Does a Spot Welding Machine Work?

Posted on Jul 26, 2021

Spot Welding Machine Manufacturers

Spot welding machines utilize the resistant welding technique to fuse two metal sheets together. It is a widely practiced process. Spot welding machine manufacturers are dedicated to producing for a wide range of applications. In this article, we will talk about how this type of machine works and the machine makers in Taiwan.


Spot welding combines two thin workpieces together using the material's resistance to electricity. It is a type of resistance welding that involves only a small spot instead of a large area, hence the name. The weld strength is determined by the pressure, temperature, and materials of the workpiece. The mission of spot welding machine manufacturers is to devise various designs to make such a process available for most industrial applications.

Though the practice of this technique is efficient, there are also limitations to it. For instance, the workpieces must be electrically conductive so that the electrode can create a current through the material. In other words, this process does not work with non-conductive materials. Now let's take a closer look at the spot welding machines.

Machine Construction

A spot welding machine includes a pressure cylinder, a gun, upper/lower electrodes, a waterline, and a footswitch. Here we will break down these components in detail for you.

Pressure Cylinder

The pressure cylinder offers downward pressure for the upper electrode. The pressure level is presented on the gauge set on the side of the machine.

Welding Gun

Refers to the gun-like tool holding device. There is an upper part and a lower part that clamps on the upper and lower electrodes. With the force generated by the cylinder, the gun forces the upper electrode to compress the workpieces to initiate the process.

Upper/lower Electrodes

The electrodes pass the current to create welds on the workpiece. They are made of copper or copper-based alloys for they have high thermal conductivity and low resistance. Some spot welding machine manufacturers have their own patented electrodes made of particular alloys.


The waterline serves as the cooling system to dissipate the excess heat generated during the process. It supplies coolant between the electrodes, cools the welding area, and prevents overheating during the process.


The footswitch allows the operator to control the machine via foot. This component is omitted in the fully automatic welding machines, designed for mass production and controlled by a CNC unit.

Spot Welding Machine Manufactures in Taiwan

Dahching Electric is a Taiwan-based manufacturer founded in 1979. They are an experienced welding machinery maker who offers a comprehensive product inventory. Their machines cover a wide range of applications. In the following sections, we will introduce some of their top-of-the-line machines to you.

Automobile and Motorcycle

Resistance spot welding is used to manufacture auto parts on vehicles, including engine ring, gas spring, motorcycle/scooter rim, brake shoe, and more. Below is a video showing how a tri-gun spot welding machine processes the automotive rim.



Home Appliances

Dahching offers the DS welding machine series that is used for reciprocating compressors, motor shells, and the DM series for water tanks and radiator panels. The patented loading/unloading system ensures an efficient welding process. The highly automated machines allow for greater productivity and improved operator safety.

3-axis NC Welding Machine


Industrial Construction

Dahching's welding machines designed for industrial construction feature long-life electrodes, a cooling system, stability, and precision. They can weld materials such as grating, wire mesh, construction rods, industrial chains, petroleum drums, and more. Here's a video showcasing the industrial chain welding process.

3-phase Inverter Welding Machine



In addition to Taiwan's welding machine makers, there are many renowned spot welding machine manufacturers worldwide who have put effort into the development and production of welding machines such as SparkWeld Engineering in India, T. J. Snow, NSRW in the States, and WS Wielander+Schill in Germany. More articles about these companies and their products will be released in the future.

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