How to Choose Between Band Saw and Circular Saw Based on My Work Piece?

Posted on Sep 20, 2019

Choosing Between Band Saw and Circular Saw and Circular Saw Based on My Work Piece

In the field of armature for ordinary users, this is a frequently asked question. The choice should be based on the work piece to be cut and the cutting method. The wrong choice will lead to a decline in productivity, which will cause serious obstacles to long-term development.

How to choose between band saw and circular saw?

In the past, when no decisive technological progress had taken place, the choice between circular saws and band saws was very simple, because the output quality of the two power saws was very different. For manufacturers who need mass production, they can choose power circular cold saws. However, if there are no particularly strict tolerance requirements, then a lower-priced band saw may be sufficient. Today, due to technological advancements, the difference between circular saws and band saws has become very small.


What are the features of a band sawing machine?

By definition, band sawing machine is also called bandsaw machine. This is one of power saws with a long and sharp saw blade that consists of a continuous toothed metal band stretched between the wheels to cut the work piece. At present, the use of band saw machines is particularly in metal processing and wood processing, but they can also be used to cut various other hard materials with long bodies. The advantage of the band saw machine is that because of its uniformly distributed tooth load on bandsaw blades, the sawing action is uniform, and it can cut irregular or curved shapes at large production speeds and volumes.


Three fundamental elements

There are several key elements that make up a CNC band saw machine. Although there are many manual and NC band saw models on the market, we are firstly talking about CNC controlled models here. These key elements of power saws include falling mechanism, feed mechanism and automatic saw.


Applied practical usages

Due to the design structure, the band saw machine is good at sawing long materials, such as pipes or solid bars, and can achieve very high precision. Therefore, for most metal processing factories, the band saw machine is vital equipment of entire production line. In modern industry, band saw is widely used in various fields and applications. On the other hand, circular saws use circular tools for sawing instead of using sawing bands, which leads to the unique processing characteristics of circular saws.

A circular saw is one of power saws that uses a toothed or abrasive disc set or saw blade to cut different materials through a rotary motion around an arbor. In other words, the circular saw has higher processing quality, strict cutting tolerances and no burrs. Nowadays when people choose between a band saw machine and a circular saw machine, the cost-effective of machine will become a key factor. Although sensors and CNC control systems can help band saws improve accuracy, the corresponding cost and technology will be another issue.

Sawing operations now tend to be controlled more intelligently, so under the guidance of various intelligent control systems, band sawing operations are now becoming more and more practical. Only intelligent metal cutting production lines can adapt to changing market demands.



The choice of a metal working piece, machinery, whole production line and turn keys are a big issue for all the manufacturers across the industrial fields, and this is a big business opportunities for manufacturers of the capital goods. By providing the correct solution and corresponding after-sales service, the supplier can help buyers to optimize their production process. On the other hand, through stable cooperation with buyers, suppliers can help themselves to earn huge commercial profits. The so-called engineering blueprint is this idea. Now more and more sawing machine suppliers are adopting this idea to help buyers understand their real needs.


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