How to Choose Between Band Saw and Circular Saw?

Posted on Sep 20, 2019


In the armature field for ordinary users, this is a question that is asked often which shall be based on what and how a work piece is going to be cut. Making a wrong choice would lead to compromise of productivity and the long term development would encounter serious obstacles.

How to choose between band saw and circular saw?

In the past, when there was no such decisive technological advancement occurred, the choice between circular saws and band saws was quite simple because the two models of sawing machines are quite distinguished from each other regarding the quality output. For manufacturers with a mass-productive manufacturing model with high-volume, the choice would be of the circular cold saw. On the other side, if the tolerance was not that recognized by the production line, then band saws with fewer prices may be enough.

Current development

Due to the advancement in technology, now the choice between a circular saw and band saw is rather ambiguous. While the choice may be rather relative, there are still some tips and conditions.

What are the features of a band sawing machine?

A band sawing machine, by definition, is also called a bandsaw machine. This is a power-driven sawing machine with a long and sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of tooth-featured metal stretched between wheels to cut work pieces. Currently, the usages of band sawing machines are particularly in metalworking, woodworking, and lumbering, but they can also be applied to cut a variety of other hard materials with the lengthy body.

The major distinguishing features of band sawing machines include uniform cutting movement due to its evenly distributed tooth loads, and the capability to cut irregular or curved shapes in a productive speed and volume.

Three fundamental elements

The fundamental elements that compose a CNC band sawing machines are about several critical elements. There are also manual and NC (numerical controlled) mechanisms though, we are now talking about CNC only here. Those four critical elements are the falling mechanism, feeding mechanism, automatic saws.

Applied practical usages

Due to the design configuration, band sawing machines are good at sawing long materials such as tube or solid bar stock to length and can achieve great accuracy as well as precision. Therefore, it is a crucial manufacturing procedure of the equipment in most machine shops. In the modern industry, band sawing machines are widely applied in a wide variety of industrial usages. In comparison, circular sawing machine utilizes circular tools to process sawing procedure rather than sawing bands to achieve the cutting mechanism, which leads to other machining features that is distinguished from band sawing mechanisms.

Regarding the sawed work piece, a circular saw is a powered saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc set or blade to cut different materials by a rotary motion spinning around an arbor. That is to say, circular saws are with higher quality, tight tolerance for the cut, and burr-free characteristics. Thus nowadays when people are making their choice between the two, the cost ratio of their final products would be a consideration. Though maybe sensors and CNC systems could help band sawing machines to improve the accuracy and precision issues, the corresponding cost and technical issues are another issues.

For one thing, it is sure. That is, the sawing operation now tends to be more smartly controlled, therefore, lead by various intelligent control systems, the band sawing operation is now getting more and more practical. Only by making the sawing line smarter and agile to the ever-changing orders from the market, can manufacturers make their production lines rigidly attached to the market demands.

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