How to Choose the Best Submersible Pump?

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

The best submersible pump

Every household needs a constant supply of water, and when if the water supply is cut off for whatever reason in the area you live in, you have got to do something. One of the most common solutions is to pump water using submersible water pumps for both industrial and home use.

About Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps in general are designed to be fully submerged into the water. They are placed within the reservoir of water that requires pumping out, which is why they are normally used for drainage in floods, sewerage pumping, emptying ponds or even as pond filters.

Choosing the best submersible pump may take a little bit of research however. In this article, we will introduce some of the options you have and the core features to look for when buying the best submersible pumps.

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Types of Submersible Pump

There are essentially to major types of submersible pumps that you can select from – a submersible well pump and a sump pump. A submersible well pump is suspended or placed in a water well on a pipe. It could sometimes go as deep as 1000 ft. A submersible well pump us typically powered by alternating current (AC) voltage. However, a smaller well submersible pump for lower depth up to 200 ft. will be powered by direct current (DC) voltage instead.

Another type of submersible water pump is a sump pump. Sump submersible pumps are typically utilized in a pit or sump, and maybe just in lower areas like a swimming pull cover or fountain. Sump submersible pumps are normally comprised of grinder pumps, effluent pumps, utility pumps and bilge pumps. Sump submersible pumps are often powered by AC, but smaller bilge pumps for boats are powered by DC voltage. Sump pumps are also available in explosion proof.

If you are looking for a submersible pump that is mainly used to pump water for home usage, the standard submersible well pump is probably your best bet because sump pumps are mostly used for non-household and commercial applications.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Submersible Pump

Unfortunately, there isn’t one submersible water pump in the market that is for universal use, making the searching process more difficult than you think. You will have compare among the different brands and models, as well as the relevant factors before making your purchase decisions. Here are some of the must-consider factors to help with your selection process:

Type of Water:
  • Knowing the type of water you will be pump with your submersible pump is the most important step prior to looking further into other features. If you are pumping fresh water mostly from the rain, a narrow submersible pump with maximum grain diameter of about 5mm would be quite enough because the solid grain from this type of water is very small. For waste water, on the other hand, the desired submersible pump should be of 10 to 20mm grain diameter, and at least 25mm for highly populated water. Please be mindful that it is generally not recommended to swap between submersible pumps. You want to examine the specs of the products carefully to see what size of granules can pass through each to choose the best submersible pump.
  • Discharge Height:
    Discharge height is indicated in column meters of water (CMW). It is the factor in determining whether or not water reaches the designated discharge point. You could either calculate it as the discharge height denoting the difference between your submersible pump and point of discharge, or combined indicators of discharge height, the pressure at the point of discharge, and the intervening pressure drops. This can apply to both well pumps and sump pumps.
  • Flow Switch:
    The flow of a submersible water pump decides how much water will pass through a pump at any given time; it is most likely dictated by the discharge height. A flow switch is one of the factors to consider since it could have an impact on the final flow. There are two types of flow switch: vertical switches are used in smaller submersible pumps with a 10 inch diameter which moves straight up to initiate the pump and get water to flow. Another is the tethered switch which moves diagonally upwards to activate the pump. These switches are generally available in 14 inch intake or above. They are more ideal for submersible pumps for commercial use.
  • Back-up System:
    As mentioned previously, most submersible water pumps are powered by electrical voltage, but could potentially fail every now and then. If this does happen when you are not present, it could lead to severe flooding and the cleaning process of flooded water could be quite a hassle. Therefore, a submersible water pump with proper back up system is definitely a plus to prevent this. Also, your chosen water pump should preferably have battery too so that it can be installed to take over in the event of a blackout. Choose a battery that provides enough power to allow you to last through long hours of contingency situations. If you are replacing an old submersible pump, you may need to refer to the previous installation guideline for details. It should show you the pump type, diameter of the discharge, and the accessories to be complemented during the installation.

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Can Submersible Pumps Stop Working?

First and foremost, you will be able to run your submersible pumps continuously most of the time as long as the water source is available. And it is not common for a submersible pump to suddenly stop working as long as you have bought one from reliable vendors.

However, accident can happen so it is generally recommended to have your submersible checked up every two years by a professional to make sure that the pump is in perfect shape. Most submersible water pumps will last for many years as long as they are maintained on a regular basis.


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