How to Tell If a Shop Delivers Precision Parts Manufacturing?

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

Precision Parts Manufacturing

If you are looking for a machine shop in your country that can fulfill your CNC machining run then you definitely hope to get high precision parts manufacturing. However, finding the right company is not an easy task, especially when this is the first time that you are planning to work with a precision engineering company.

Some of the key indicators for a professional precision parts manufacturing company are their capabilities, equipment, knowledge and experience, enthusiasm but also longevity. Before we look at all these in more detail, let's go through a concise checklist that you can use to ask some basic questions when choosing a CNC shop or OEM manufacturing service provider.


CNC Machine Shop Checklist for Precision Parts Manufacturing

● Pay attention to whether the CNC precision machining workshop can meet the tolerance requirements of CNC precision engineering standards.
● Following the design of the parts, ensure that the CNC machining workshop can cover CNC turning and milling
● Find CNC processing companies that accept parts for a free review. Even the best designers may miss tips about CNC precision machining design when designing for precision manufacturing.
● Always check if CNC companies guarantee the quality of their precision manufacturing parts. It means you are sure that you have payment protection in typical situations that your precision machined parts haven't come out as your tolerance scheme. 
● Determine the production capacity of the machine shop. Some CNC companies only have the capability of prototype processing and small batches. The number of CNC machines and the size of the company indicate whether it can perform only small-batch CNC processing or mass production for your precision parts manufacturing.
● Find out if you can easily get a quote from the machine shop. Some CNC machining workshops require you to email their 3D models and specifications to them, while others enable you to upload parts on their website and type each part requirement on their website and submit an inquiry. 
● Make sure you buy CNC precision machining parts at the right price. Some precision part manufacturing providers sell their services at excessive prices. Besides, many online CNC machining workshop sites are administered by middlemen that often add a substantial commission fee onto the total price, which will increase the overall cost of your parts.


Main Indicators for the Professionalism and Reliability of CNC Precision Parts Manufacturers (Parts Precision Machining)

Up-to-date technologies and machining equipment
Technology is developing at an exponential rate. As technology advances, methods and techniques are constantly evolving. Even if you think your job is simple, you can save money and time if you have a machining shop that is synchronized with their industry. They may know machines that can make more precise parts, or more efficient technology can save you money, or they may be lighter but have the same strength as the material you want to use. These are just some examples that can help you improve the finished product.

Production Capabilities
The capabilities of your precision engineering company refer to the details that they can provide you with precise services from a processing perspective. Of course, it is important to understand the materials that can be used by your precision machining company, the machinery used, the technology used, and the achievable tolerances and output. This will help you to evaluate the schedule and whether all processing can be done in-house. The first time to do the right spirit will save you precious time, money, and energy.

Design Capabilities 
Can your precision parts manufacturing (parts precision machining) provider understand and adjust the design of the model or red line to be printed? Even if you bring your design to the processing company, this skill shows a deep understanding of the processing industry. It can also help you identify errors before processing and make quick changes if necessary.

Knowledge & Experience 
The provider of parts manufacturing for high precision should bring comprehensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to your project. With a deeper understanding, a precision parts manufacturing provider will provide more attention and precision to manufacture the exact parts you need to match your assembly and accurately meet printing requirements. It is worth investing in a precision parts manufacturing provider that will talk to you and ask questions about design or printing, rather than hypothetical and machining undesirable parts.

People often do not know what to check when choosing a machining shop to help them deal with CNC precision machined parts. Choosing a CNC machining workshop is not just looking for a nearby CNC machining workshop. Sometimes going the extra mile will be the far better choice long-term

Business Longevity
Although lifespan is not a typical requirement for OEMs choosing precision metal parts manufacturers, for some important reasons, it should be considered along with the usual quality, delivery, turnaround, and price. In this era, as parts manufacturing has moved overseas, many machinery workshops have closed or changed hands, and those surviving factories can only rely on lean production and provide stable value to do this. Usually, this means adapting to work with higher accuracy and higher tolerances. To win this business, the store was forced to recruit or retain skilled operators from a declining talent, while constantly investing in the latest CNC equipment over time. For more price-sensitive industries, the competition between premium stores is fierce, and the only way to maintain a business is to deliver stable quality on time every time. This failed, and another precision store will replace it.

Enthusiasm & Communication
People who like what they do are good at what they do. This doesn't seem to matter, but it's important to choose a precision engineering company that works with you and works with you. From planning to implementation, communication, and time management, it makes the entire project run more smoothly. Another important factor is how good precision parts manufacturing is at communicating with their customers. If you can talk directly to experts or decision-makers, your project will be completed faster and less likely to go wrong. 

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