Hydraulic Press Punches Ahead of the Era

Posted on Dec 27, 2019

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic presses are widely used in the manufacture of various products. It is a mechanical press that uses hydraulic cylinders that generate huge and sudden pressure. The design of the hydraulic press machine came from the Pascal principle, which means that the pressure in the entire closed system can always be kept constant.

Piston Matters

In the hydraulic press machine, a very important part is the piston used as a pump, whose mechanical force acts on a small cross-section. The other part is a piston with a large area, which generates a relatively large mechanical force. C frame hydraulic press is a press machine based on the same mechanical principles and operated by hydraulic. Their design has a bow-like appearance similar to the letter C and can usually be operated vertically.


Practical Applications

Hydraulic presses are usually used for forming metal products, for example, clinching, forging, molding, punching, blanking, deep drawing, etc. on a variety of metal materials. The use of a hydraulic press machine can greatly shorten the production cycle time while ensuring the tolerance range of the product. Compared with metal cutting, metal forming provides better production efficiency, making mass production feasible.


Massive Production Demand

Most presses are used for mass production. It can make a large number of metal materials into products with a specific appearance in a short time. Small-scale but diversified production is the main trend in the world industry, so a quick die change mechanism to achieve agile manufacturing becomes very important.

Manufacturers of various products may use the same press machine with the mechanical or hydraulic method but used to make different products. Therefore, press machine manufacturers need to maintain a certain range of versatility for their machines, but may also allow some custom modifications. This situation is common in the automotive and electrical industries. Adding computer assistance (such as CNC controllers) to the press can effectively provide customized functions for the machine, and avoid manual operations to cause deviations in processing.

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Go Smart!

Here we give an example. In the composition of automobile wheels, the manufacture of rims often requires a complex pressing process. To produce only one type of rim requires a long production line. However, manufacturers are required to produce various types of wheel rims in the shortest cycle time to meet the needs of different car types. Therefore, they have adopted an automated system that can accelerate the operation of a hydraulic press.

Nowadays, the connection between the press and the automation system is getting closer. On the other hand, servo presses, presses with mechanical or hydraulic function are widely used, and they each have different advantages. In addition to the metal processing industry, servo-hydraulic press and hydraulic presses can also be used for plastics and rubber forming in the thermoplastic industry.


High-speed Press

A high-speed press with hydraulic features is one of the most commonly used presses in modern industry. Many manufacturers use it to produce a variety of industrial and daily products, including furniture, sports facilities, consumer electronics, automotive accessories and parts, and household appliances.


Size of High-speed Press machines

The size of the die determines the tonnage of presses be selected and used. Mechanical presses and hydraulic presses are divided into several categories according to their operation and machine structure, such as hydraulic deep drawing press, hydraulic tryout press, C frame press, H frame high-speed press.

Compared with try out press and mechanical press, the mechanical force of the hydraulic press will be much greater. The main task of the hydraulic press is to apply sufficient pressure on the workpiece of any material. Due to the strong mechanical force of the press, there have been many dangerous possibilities and cases in the past, and now press manufacturers are investing more effort in designing the protective mechanism of the press.


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